Sorry not been on much

So sorry that I haven’t devoted enough time on this site. I will try to do better. I am usually on twitter as @osaxy and discuss a lot there. I have been sick with Lupus all my life and am 49 now so I have a lot of insight to this horrible disease. However, I do my best to lead the Lupus instead of letting it lead me. I am here for you all. Love and hugs to u all !!!

Hello Sheri,

Even though your more active on twitter as @osaxy.

It's still nice of you to come on and be honest besides letting we know how you are...keep your determination going on fighting Lupus.

Hugs Terri xxx

Hi Sheri,

I'm looking forward to your sharing your insights with us : )


Thank you Terri and Trisha. Here I can open up a bit more I think with the deep truths of my life with Lupus etc. Glad to be back! :slight_smile: