Something new

So with all the joint pain I've had I've never had my arms and hands hurt until now. My elbows, wrists, fingers hurt so bad for the past week. I feel so weak and they just ache. Has anyone else experienced this?? Wondering if i need to bother the Dr or is this just another Lupus issue?

Hi Michelle,

Remember your doctor is there for you. If the pain is bothersome and getting in the way of your activities and it isn't going away, call your doctor. He may suggest something until you see him. A doctor should always be aware of new symptoms or an increase of old ones. If it can wait until a visit, good. Otherwise they are working for their patients. No need to suffer, or worry. Take care.

My hands ALWAYS hurt. The pain in my elbow, wrists, and ankles along with what I considered arthritis is what sent me to the Rheumy and I received a Lupus diagnosis. We are unable to find anything yet that I can take without major side effects or that make a difference. You may want to give the Doc a call to verify there is nothing else you should be taking or doing. I wish you the best!