Sodium Chloride Treatment

Hey All--Not long ago I went to another rheumatologist for a second opinion, and to make a long story short she ended up telling me that she wants to treat my Lupus "aggressively". Part of this treatment includes an IV infusion twice a week. I couldn't remember what they told me it was the first time, so I paid more attention when I went in for my second infusion yesterday. Turns out they are pumping me full of sodium chloride. Has anyone else had the same treatment? Not only is this the second treatment, but both times now I have had major flushing (which I've been told is normal), my throat feels swollen and it becomes hard to swallow, and my bones ache badly the next day. I've seen a doctor about my throat and they swear up and down that my throat is not actually swollen. The day of treatment I feel like I am walking on clouds!! But i'm just not sure the aftermath is worth it! Thoughts? Experiences?

You have to check what is in the sodium chloride as IV solutions are often NaCl to which medication is added.

Hello Brittani,

I am pleased your being treated and hopefully the infusions will help you, with some infusion's i found out from members that a steriod shot is given sometimes to stop any counter reaction and some infusions can cause slight affects but that goes for any drug...i've not had them but hopefully there is members who have and will answer in due course.

I'll add a link about the infusions for you to read up on while waiting, as this link covers all issues besides side affects :) xxx