Hey does any one else or i should say ladies, get them downstairs in your lady parts? Have they ruptured on u? Mine have and they where full of dark pus and blood, yuk, just wanted to know, i get them during a flare, i also get mouth soars. I get bad headaches after being in the sun, i have sence i was 15, i am now 45, i was diagnosed 6 yrs ago when i started having t.i,a"s

Rebecca, watch the sores on your lower body, make sure they aren't an outbreak of boils. A culture by swab of 1 will tell them how best to treat you for this. If they get really large it is more than uncomfortable and can need lancing then packing. And, boils are contagious to other people. Lots of thorough hand washing! They can be caused by MRSA, which anyone can be prone to if their health is down. If that's the case, an infectious disease control doctor can treat you. They give an ointment for your nose where the bacteria is harbored, and put you on long course antibiotic.

There have been several discussions lately where people mentioned the mouth sores. Use the search box at the top left corner of the page to do a search. I find calendula tea helps, as does raw honey, but we each are different.

Hope you are feeling better soon, warm hugs, Louise