So upset :(

So I saw my rheumatologist today before my cytoxin treatment(I’m actually still hooked up to it as we speak)and got more bad news. …apparently my liver is very enlarged and is painful. .I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure under my right ribcage and a lot more nauseous and
pukey than usual but don’t go crazy over every little symptom .The other day I have to vomit(gross SORRY)and when I crouched over the toilet that area felt brusied and hard.I definitely knew something was wrong but didn’t wanna panic and make myself more sick over it …I’m not into self/Internet diagnosis so I just waiting to have my dr take a look and of course there’s a problem!!I do have some organ involvement already so I don’t know why I’m so shocked and upset. …I just wish my diseases would slow down !I’m suffering from a major, severe change every week now:(

I’m really sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating and upsetting it is. I too am waiting to hear results but about my kidneys. Hang in there. Hopefully things will get better soon.

Sorry you are suffering. I just had an MRI today to look at my liver. My doctors (other than my rheumatogist) keep saying they don’t think it is the lupus affecting my liver. But I had a serious flare/hospitalization in July and several abnormalities were seen on ct scan. New dr (hepatologist) is following up. I feel like something is swollen and have pressure under my ribs. It can be very painful. Would be interested in what you find out. Would have thought with all the meds and steroids I am on I would be much better.
Healing thoughts!

I’m starting cytoxin as soon as I’m discharged. I feel your pain. Any advice for me?

I'm sad to hear you are still having such a tough time of things. Meds can do a big number on our livers, caused me enlargement and damage before, until I stopped all meds to give my body a break and chance to heal. Our livers are really cool, and can regenerate! The hard part is finding the guilty culprit for the issues. I hope answers are found for you soon, and you feel more well.

warm hugs, Louise

I am so sorry to read this. Continued prayers for you, dear one. My heart aches for you and so many others having such a horrid time. Gentle Hugs!

Praying for you, you are so strong in all you go through.

Hugs to you...


I'm ashamed of myself for being frustrated because of the fatigue when so many of you "girls" have so man.y other problems. I wish you all the best,and your flare ends soon. Praying for you all



You shouldn't be ashamed of yourself.... you are allowed to feel how you feel
freightliner said:


I'm ashamed of myself for being frustrated because of the fatigue when so many of you "girls" have so man.y other problems. I wish you all the best,and your flare ends soon. Praying for you all


I am sorry this has happened. Ask your Dr. if there is anything you can do, aside from laying off meds.

sucks! Ive had when igets inflammed and then it goes down-soo I hope and pray for you that it will not continue to be inflammed or hardened-I pray that you can be healed believe all things are possible-I know this isn't what you may want to hear-I'm sorry-but I truly hope and pray this is not as extensive or perminent ok-lov Lupus Hater...

Praying for you and sending warm hugs. Dee

I totally understand. I have pain there too but my scans are always normal. But then again all my tests are always normal. But it hurts soooo bad. 10 years of searching for a doctor that would believe me because my blood tests were always normal. While the pain is always real and huge. I just started Aricept and Cellcept to wait on Cytoxen due to the brain damage I have because nobody believed me for years. So I totally understand. It sucks. But it gets better and the doctors are doing a great job. I’m sorry but I promise it is just another bump in the road. Aricept gives me nightmares. I’m so tired hehe. I almost want to do Cytoxen instead. Lol. You will get better I promise :slight_smile: like my doc told me be strong get rest and all will always be ok. :slight_smile:


I understand what you're going through. Besides all the scans, and imaging tests, has your rheumy or hepatologist done a "liver panel" blood test to evaluate your liver function? One or the other should have.

I have autoimmune hepatitis (separate autoimmune disease along with the lupus) and some liver damage from lupus. My liver enzymes occasionally flare when I'm in a lupus flare. Usually they are normal. i have severe cirrhosis yet my liver enzymes are usually normal. Liver function is normal at the moment.

I have severe liver damage with a normal functioning liver. On the other hand, my gallbladder is full of stones without any symptoms. Don't feel a thing. Go figure?!

And, please, don't wait to see one of your docs. Call one of them. I would recommend the hepatologist. Liver damage is serious. Ask them if they've ever done a liver panel or if you need one now.

You have hold on.

Praying for you! :)

Prayers for you!!

Hi!, sorry to hear this is going on with you!! Smile and hang in there okay? My prayers go out to you…Bevelry L.

Thank you for all your love and support :)I’ve just been resting a lot, cytoxin is rough so I can’t do much else. …I’ll have a bunch of blood work next week so I’ll know soon how my liver function is really doing. …I can’t stress about what might be and make myself worse. .All I know is my liver hurts, is enlarged and there’s nothing my Dr’s can do for it right now