So over this!

I have been sick all month so far!!! I pick up some kinda cold at work which turned into walk pneumonia. I have been on 3 different antibiotics since apparently I’m allergic to everything!! Broke out in a horrible itchy rash all over and I am on round 2 of medrol step down pack. So yeah if say October has been a terrible horrible no good very bad month for me!!! Slowly starting to feel better I have missed a totally of 8 days of work and the cough is just lingering but atleast it doesn’t feel like I have an elephant on my chest anymore!!

Nicole, you do like me. A simple cold invades and takes over my lungs. Not fond of the ER trips to get me breathing well again. I'm glad to read they gave you the Medrol burst to help open you up, and as aggravating as the cough is, it's the only way to get the muck out of your lungs. If it keeps you from sleeping, ask for something to use at night, you need your rest.

I share your allergy to medications. Please consider keeping some Benadryl around if safe to take with any other meds you are on, and use it at the first sign of a reaction. Allergy can be unpredictable, and serious. I keep a list of my many allergies in my purse, and hand it to anyone I have to deal with. I'm down to only 1 antibiotic I am able to take.

It seems everyone I know is has been sick this month. I agree that October isn't a favorite for me either. The change of seasons plays a big part in feeling worse. I hope this levels off for you very soon.

hugs, Louise

Hi Nicole

Sorry you've been sick. We certainly have to be careful of people around up being sick. Did you get your flu shot or pneumonia shot? It seems like you are on the mend.

They to have a good day.


Me again. Keeping a list of of meds that give you an reaction in your purse is a good idea. We also keep a list of meds ,allergic reaction and diagnosis on the fridge just incase an ambulance is called, isn't as bad idea either..


Hi Nicole,

pneumonia is not fun, and the cough is so painful. I remember walking at work, and being so out of breath, I had to sit and catch my breath and thinking what is wrong with me? I have asthma, and I just thought it was causing me fits. I went to urgent care, and remember telling the doctor that it felt like a knife stuck in my back.

Take care of yourself, and get plenty of rest. Plenty of fluids as well. Cover your neck and mouth when you go out, if you are in a cold, damp environment where you live.

Hugs to you, and please let us know how you are doing...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I have a list of what meds I take and what meds I’m allergic to. So far the only antibiotics I can hand are zythramyacin and clyndomyacin. Thankfully they did give me some cough medicine with Codine in it. I am starting to get better each day still coughing but no where near as bad as I was even a few days ago. I’m glad to be back to work and get back into the swing of things.

"So yeah if say October has been a terribgle horrible no good very bad month for me!!! "I have no new information or insight for you, however, l the reference to this book… Made me smile. Thank you. And I’m sending positive healing vibes your way.
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Hi everyone:

It seems that a lot of us Lupies have allergic reactions, or so I have noticed.


Just curious-does your employer know that you have Lupus??


Please give yourself lots of need to take as much time to rest as you need! Prayers for comfort and healing are with you!



No my employer doesn’t know I have lupus I’m actually afraid to tell them. I work in the schools doing register and preping and serving lunch to little kids which means tuns of fun germs for me to pick up on!!! I’m afraid that if I’m out to much and they know that they will fire me.

Thanks Lori and Jen!!! And glad I could put a smile on your face Jen I thought that was a pretty good analogy on how I have been feeling lol!! I think ill move to Australia!!!

Hi Nicole

I see your point for not telling them. Hope you get to feel better.


Hi!, hope you feel better soon! Get some Lysol spray and wet wipes, and facial masks,to take to work with you! I do this alot -it Really help me to keep the germs away from connect of you being around people that are sick! My family laugh at me when people come to visit(Ispray before they enter into the house and spray while they are inside and spray after they leave!)Sound crazy -right ? But it really helps. And if children come over and start coughing -and the parents know that their child is sick ,I make them put on a face mask to keep their germs to themselves.LOL But I don’t care what response they have, I tell them My body get sick very quickly and they are not here if I get very sick to help me! So it is either they put the mask on or Leave!!! Most of the time they stay in the kitchen area where there is a room where we sit. But for the most part everything goes well…Beverly L.

Good Morning

That's a good idea. You need to protect youself. They s.

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Just remember your worries will delay your healing-this Lupus sucks big time-but we are having to deal with it-I'll pray for you Nicole-Green teas and benedril if you can take that will help greatly-I feel for you believe me- been there the waiting is aweful especially when you have work-when your getting rid of bacteria-replenish with something good to go in your body-pro-biotics and greens are the best-for your bod right now-water too nothing cold.

Thank you everyone for the support and wonderful tips and ideas!!! I am slowly on the mend. I am on 50mg prednisone till Thursday then I will start the step down process and hope for the best. The dr took me out of work atleast till I see him on Tuesday then he will decide if he wants me to go back yet. I have to go for a cat scan of my chest because he could hear something on the right side but not sure what it could possibly be and nothing showed up in xray. Some days are not to bad but others I can hardly get out of bed between joint pain and not sleeping well at night. Keeping fingers crossed that I will be back to work next week and on the mend!!!