Life With Lupus

So nervous!


Its a big week for me! Only 2 wks left of class. I can not wait to relax my body is exhausted. Tomorrow is the day I have been nervous for since day one. I am talking to my class about auto immune disease with an emphases on Lupus. I am so nervous to share my story and have them know what is wrong with me. I can tell many have wondered and tomorrow is the big day. I am excited though to be able to share and let them know about these silent diseases and this silent war we all fight.

I also have follow ups with all 3 of my docs. I am anxious and can't wait to see what they all say....

Hope everyone is doing well! I look forward to being back on here once this semester is over! I miss it so much!!!!


oh, I am so excited for you! you will do fine. What a great way to spread and share the news about Lupus. a perfect venue! let us know how it goes…and most of all, enjoy your upcoming time off!


Very excited for you Louters. Your energy to finish school. I'm sure you will need a rest after this. I can't figure out why some of us are afraid to let anyone know what we have or how we are feeling. You will do great letting others know about your disease. Break a leg!!



Best of luck to you, Louters!!! That is wonderful! More people need to know about lupus and autoimmune disease in general! I hope your talk and all of your doctors' appointments go very well!


You'll do great!!!


We that have this disease thank you Louters for representing us before your classmates. You are going to get the opportunity of educating a group of young people about Lupus and from what I can tell about you from your posts on this site you are very capable. Know that our prayers are with you. Again, thank you for representing.



Wow! Thank you guys! I teared up as I read all these before my presentation, knowing so many are there supporting me! IT went so well, I didn't have any notes I just let my heart speak and I couldn't have asked for it to go any better!!

This is what my teacher wrote on my paper on Lupus I though I would share.

"I truly learned a lot as a result of reading this. Your work can truly "make a difference", which is not an easy goal to attain You're really done well telling the story and giving readers a glimpse into the daily challenges that people living with lupus face. It takes courage to share your experience and I appreciate your willingness to do so. It can and will make a difference"

I am so glad I have had the opportunity to share and make the difference in at least one persons life and now a whole class has a little insight in what we Lupies go through!!! I will be posting my papers once the semester is over I have gotten a few people asking me to do so. :)


fantastic, Louters. I knew you would well!!



That’s great! Would love to read them.


Good job Louters.


Great Louters. I would also like to read your paper.


Kudos Louters! ::cheers:: You did awesome!


Louters, I have wondered so much about you too. Do you still have your own place? I have been away for months but I think about you and everyone else here so much. I am enjoying reading about so many of you again.

Gentle hugs, Rita


I’m doing. … I will be moving in with a friend in a couple weeks I can’t wait! !!