Life With Lupus

Skin peeling on inside on mouth


l have a few spots on the inside of my cheeks where the skin is just peeling off. Can this be a symptom of lupus? And does this happen to anyone else?


I do not have it but from what I have read, it is typical symptom of lupus.


I do get this from time to time. It's like the old skin is peeling off. I will ask my doc about it during my next visit.


Sorry to everyone for their issues. I had that skin peeling and sores before I went on plaquenil. I couldn’t eat anything. I have no problem now.



I am on plaquenil and I do still get mouth sores occasionally with a flare. The peeling skin has stopped. I mentioned this to my doctor and dentist a few years back before my diagnosis and neither seemed concerned at the time. Amazing how lupus is like a puzzle and pieces don’t fit until you see the big picture.


I’ve had peeling in the inside of my mouth and it turned out to be Steven Johnson syndrome and it was due to a allergic reaction to a antibiotic that my dr gave me come to find out I’m allergic to that med now which I’ve taken on a couple different occasions. So my question is have ur dr recently put u on a new med