Skin pain- any suggestions?

I’ve been struggling with what I’m calling an itch but it may be really a nerve issue I’m not sure anymore as it has been going on for the past 52 days. It is driving me insane! I have tried all kinds of allergy meds all kinds of lotions. I have no rash just my awesome scratch marks. It feels like a huge bug is biting me and it stings. It is mainly on my legs, arms chest and back. Never above my neck. I have been torturing my Rheumy, allergist and neurologist to help me stop this and nobody can make this go away. I cry from scratching at night it is insane. Showers help so I take many cold ones but it does not last. Any suggestions or way to make this stop for good would be very appreciated. If anyone has had the same issue please let me know what you did to make it stop.

Try Arnica Gel. I buy it at Walgreen's under the name Arnicare. It has been used as a pain reliever, muscle relaxer since the 1500's and is made from a mountain daisy. I would have never believed it helped my cervical & occipital neuralgia skin pain on my total head. I have headaches for months at a time and my daily chronic pain is never below an 8 with various pain mgmt. Arnica gel just is amazing. It's just enough to really make a difference topically and is not expensive. I think it's $12 a tube and I use it three times a day or as needed. You can also return it if it doesn't work. I also tried the whole foods brand and the GNC Brand. Walgreen's Arnicare works the best for me. It's also great for bruises and on the CM forum Member use it post surgical for occipital, neck & shoulder pain and have better results vs Members that only use muscle relaxers and pain meds. I am not one to recommend anything especially for pain that I don't think it will help. It definitely has me and I really just tried it to get Members to quite telling me I should. I am definitely glad I did.

I used to have this problem, my Dr. and I discovered that it was one of my meds that was causing the issue if you have a allergy to sulfur, you may want to find out if one of your meds have sulfur in it.

I too have this sensation. It feels as though a thousand needles are pushing up thru the skin. Only happens on arms, chest. Ice packs calm my down for about 30 minutes. I also have tried Benadryl orally and topically with some success.

I did something similar after taking Tramadol. It felt like something was crawly on my skin and sometimes like something biting me. I realized it was only happening after taking Tramadol, so I stopped taking it and haven't had the issue since.

I live with it, and it IS nerve pain. There are many meds for nerve pain if you ask your Dr. I also like Voltaren Emulgel (a scent free pain cream) and I got a sample of lidocaine cream that helped, but you have to use that in small doses or it can affect your heartbeat.

I have tried all kinds of Benadryl including prescription strength, cortisone shots and nothing it just keeps getting worse. I have been on all the same meds for years while this started about 53 days ago just around the same time I started Rituxan infusions. The allergist cannot find anything that would cause this and by now if it were an allergy all these allergy meds it should make it stop or subside. I just doubled my dose of Gabapentin hoping that would stop it but still no sign of relief. It may take some time though. It is better during the day but night time I sometimes use a brush to scratch away this awful feeling that is spread out from my knees up to my neck (which is odd too). I am driving my neurologist, Rehumy and allergist crazy as I call them every other day complaining of the itch!! I will try your lotions suggestions I really hope they work although I have to put it on almost all over my body. I’ll do anything at this point. Thank you!

I have had these symptoms mainly on legs. Mine was from nerve damage and it def was worse at night. The gabapentin helped me. Hope you feel better soon

Hi Ann,

For the creepy crawlies (parasthesia) —good news! There is a brand new medicine out for the nerve endings problem causing creepy crawlies. It helps all nerve pain, it is a medicine that has a chemical that is a sister to Gabapentin PLUS a painkiller. It's called LUCYNTA. Ask your Dr. after you've researched it. But I’d try the below natural supplements first.

I live with this, as does everyone with Fibromyalgia and other diseases of the CNS or pain control center in the brain, which is turned up to HIGH on us, so we have more spasms, twitches, cramps, pain all over.

Personally, I think it might be something different than inflammation. They are very slight muscle spasms, and I sure live with them. What helps me most is magnesium, sublingual vitamin B, and potassium once in a while. They can also be caused by drug reactions.

Do you think you might also have Fibromyalgia? Because it’s sure common in we who do have it. I have friends who use prescriptions such as muscle relaxants and anxiety meds, which seem to sooth the over-jumpy nerve endings. Magnesium helps my muscle twitches, even the ones that feel like a bug is on or under your skin, up to the muscle spasms that can cause an injury.

That's really a shock to me Voltaren is not available OTC in the USA. I wonder if it was taken off the market in your state, or maybe for a short time. Maybe state by state chooses to carry it or not? I just typed in Google “Is Voltaren OTC in the USA?” And there were many sites complaining that the manufacturer was out off the product for an extended period of time, but other places say yes it is available and say where to order it. Articles said that the Voltaren GEL in USA is 1% diclofenac, but the Emulgel in other countries is stronger, it’s 1.6%. I watch US stations from Canada all day, Voltaren gel is always advertised as OTC. It didn't come to Canada until much later than the US had it. I see that New Zealand, UK, India, Brazil, and China produce it, so the Amazon product you showed may not originate in Canada. It says “N. American English”, which might be because it is also supplied in a Spanish label, or French, as you may have assumed. Here's one place you can buy it online in the USA. And here are a dozen other places.

Wow, you had surgery for it? Glad it helped! That is so drastic.

Continued for Ann,

That label on the Amazon Voltaren, the "N. American English" can also be put there to distinguish from British English that would be used in every other English speaking country. USA had Voltaren OTC first, so I'm floored if it is being discontinued or something. When it is a prescription, doesn't that make it cheaper because insurance would help pay for it? Just wondering.

Hello Michela. I have been through exactly what you describe, and it was my nervous system reacting to meds. Some of us with autoimmune issues seem to react oddly to every day things, even after using them long term, an allergic reaction can develop. Raising my hand.

It may be too your combination of meds insn't sitting well with your body. We each react differently. I have had to wean off everything before, then add back the vital ones 1 med per week, kind of like an elimination diet, and when the reaction reoccurred, would be able to pinpoint what was the guilty party. If you go to you can type in your list of all meds, including OTC, and supplements you may take, and it will tell you what may be interacting ad causing issues.

hope you feel much better soon. hugs

I use voltaren gel,I live about 30 miles outside Portland Oregon ,I had to hassle my insurance company to pay,you need a script in Oregon for it…so my co-pay is 50$…It helps,I use it on my hands and wrists,I have erosion of the wrist bones from to many cortisone shots,which I needed to dress myself,open lids ,buttons ect…A word of caution with cortisone shots,Having to many can have such bad long term side effects,

Thanks for all the info Ann. I am so glad your back surgery relieved those issues. OIC that the boxes you had WERE from Canada. I was thinking of the boxes in general that might say the same thing and the reasons for that. Doesn`t OTC also infer it needs no prescription, so buying it online without a prescription also means it is OTC. It`s such good stuff isn`t it... my question mark is broken so I`m frustrated typing questions right now. I find that it helps muscles, tendons, joints, cartilage pain, sometimes even nerve pain. It just is not good for internal organ pain. Also, a cheaper alternative is Arnica Gel, by Rub A535. All natural and no scent. There are other brands as well in health food stores. I hope it`s more available. Sleep well.

The CO PAY WAS $50?? I can't imagine what the whole cost was. it's not made out of pure gold or something. That's just awful. OH GOSH I would suggest using a Canadian online pharmacy that serves US residents. I get a good sized jar of Voltaren/diclofenac 5% for $15 or less! Big enough to last a year. An alternative is to look for the all natural product called Arnica gel. Rub a535 makes it but there are also other brands available in health food stores. I have one friend who got a prescription for the voltaren pills, and she crushed them with a pill crusher and put them in her own cream, but I'd be scared to do that, not knowing how much to add to get a safe mixture. Yes, cortisone sure has evil and permanent side effects that often make you sicker than you would be without them. Such a catch 22. You need them but you sure don't want the side effects.

celeste said:

I use voltaren gel,I live about 30 miles outside Portland Oregon ,I had to hassle my insurance company to pay,you need a script in Oregon for my co-pay is 50$...It helps,I use it on my hands and wrists,I have erosion of the wrist bones from to many cortisone shots,which I needed to dress myself,open lids ,buttons ect...A word of caution with cortisone shots,Having to many can have such bad long term side effects,,

Yes I understand what you're saying. Just hoped you understood that even if you buy them online, they are still considered OTC because they are not prescription. I'm sorry we're both awake so late! Painsomnia for you too? Will say a prayer that we can both rest soon!

Blessings, Sheila