Skin burn from bath

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced their skin being burned from a hot bath. I was very achy last night so I took an epsom salts bath and when I emerged, my skin looked like it was sunburned. It didn't hurt, but the visual was pretty scary. I moisturized and the redness remained until this morning. It's back to normal now, but I was wondering if it could be a side effect of the Methotrexate, which I started 5 weeks ago. Has anyone experienced this or something similar before?


I haven’t noticed with bathing. But my neck was hurting really bad today so I heated uo my rice bag. Not hot, just warm. A little while later one of my coworkers was like OMG whys up with your neck. That was this morning. It still red like a sunburn.
Not sore, just red.

Thank you for your reply Tonya.

Are you taking Methotrexate? I'm also taking Plaquenil, which I've been taking for about 2 years now.

No I haven’t started treatment. I’m still in the “figure the exact disease out” stage. Though, I feel myself progressing pretty quickly so I’m hoping we figure this out soon. Have a feeling I’ll end up with a lumbar puncture as well. Just because my cognition and balance are declining so fast. Also fear lupus nephritis with labs ans aymptoms. We shall see. I go back Tuesday.

Praying for you Tonya. Keep us posted please.