Sjogren's Syndrome

My doctor just told me that I have that as well. Just don't know how much more I can take. I know that this seems to go with Lupus often but I haven't done the research on this new condition. Any advice or things that have helped otehrs would be appreciated. I am determined to havee a good time this weekend in San Diego with my family (on the condition that no one takes pictures). Just being with them will be lovely.

Hi DeAnne,

So that's why you've been down today besides other things you suffer and i can quite understand's a very complicated A1 Disease and it's over rode my body.

I suggest you joining this site below Ben did it seperate for members and i'm on there besides Ally/SK/faye and a few more from this site and if you want to learn about the disease, you'll get the info on the discussions there.

((All my love my friend)) Terri xxx

You are surely an angel.


When you join it me & Ally for a start off will welcome's not long been going but the info is great which as been added :)

whathappensinvegas said:

You are surely an angel.

It's been a great help. Others with Sjogren's talk about their approach to the disease. It's not always so overwhelming. Though it can be as pesky as Lupus. However, you learn to deal with it. Watch out for infections. Make sure everyone around you has flu shots and the have good personal hygiene. Great products are recommended on the site. Terri is always finding good info on the web.

Hope hope you feel better from the discussions on the site. We're all in it for the long haul.

Bless you!

Two things come to mind when you say you have Sjorgens. Dry mouth and dry eyes. I use Biotene for the dry mouth and it works great for me. Dry eyes can cause pain in your eyes. My Ophthalmologist recently put me on Restasis but said to use Artificial Tears four times a day. This has really helped me. The bad part of sjorgens is dental problems. Have had to lose four teeth within the year. Keep up a good dental regimen. The dryness can cause your gums to recide and this causes you to have cavities right at the gum line.


These discussions being done on Sjogren's are great but there's a hell of alot more to the disease then eyes and mouth....this info below shows what organs it touches besides eyes and mouth.

The new site for those who have'nt joined yet and who are new members