Shoo hiccups shoo!

It’s 2am, I’m finally sleepy,(doesn’t happen easily for me) my pain level is down a bit fro my last dose. I’ve sprayed my sleepytime aromatherapy around the room. I have the mountains of pillows I sleep on, my heavy blanket (which means there is a fan sic inches from my face, I’m in Vegas and my blanket weighs about forty pounds, it helps both with pain and anxiety. My iPad and Netflix are in cahoots tonight so it looks like I will be spending time with Jack Skellington and the characters (creatures? Creepsters? The undead? The world best self-stitches-
giver this side of St. Patrick’s Day) of Halloween Town. Ah yes, perfect way to fall asleep, the drone of the fan, the movie I can recite every line from…great right?

WRONG! I have the two bit no good yella bellied ninny headed dastardly hiccups. I’ve had them for well over two hours, nothing works…I sometimes have them that last for days. Not only is it annoying, beginning to become painful and it’s keeping me from sleeping, drinking anything is like playing Russian roulette with a glass…will I hiccup while swallowing, aspirate on the water wait 24 hrs and that turns in to pneumonia, while that all sounds like a super fun way to spend a few days I am just going to sit here and stare at my cuppa nite time tea, keep mocking me tea bag you might get thrown in the regular garbage and not the compost pile like you’d like me too. It is also why my backspace button is getting a huge work out. Every time I hiccup my fingers spaz out for a second so before backspace goes on strike and before the hiccups drive me to seek solace in a padded room, I bid you good night…feel free to come bang on my window really loud, that might make them stop :slight_smile:

You know what actually works on getting rid of hiccups? My dad found this out and three times I’ve gotten the hiccups really bad, all three times this worked like magic. right when the hiccups start, swallow a whole spoonful of cocoa powder. Make sure it goes straight down your throat and you don’t hesitate and keep it on your tongue. I hope you try it and I hope it works out for you!!

Oh Emily I’ve never heard of cocoa powder I will surely try it :slight_smile: thanks!

Ah! Another Vegas buddy! (Ugh, the heat!) Voux, you get cooler (hotter seems the wrong thing to say, although it's getting hotter for us here in Vegas instead of cooler) every time I see you post, hehe. I'm sorry about those hiccups. I have tended to have two sorts of hiccups. Normal hiccups, which generally fade pretty fast. And then I have what I call chemical hiccups. Usually these accompany a sort of burp with the hiccup. They get caught in my throat sometimes, and generally make me feel not so wonderful. Im' pretty sure the chemical kind are really a sort of indigestion, though I haven't gotten them in a while, so I dunno if antacid type stuff would work. That's my only helpful thing to say.

(I'm making a bad habit of posting on your threads and yet not really being of any use to the topic!)

Wasn't it 102 in Vegas today?

I get the hiccips every day but they don't last too many minutes. I wonder if they are a side effect of a med. HUM

I hope you are drinking decaf tea. If I drank regular tea at night I wouldn't sleep.

Drink a glass of water upside down.(lean over and drink out of the lowest side of the glass. I can't explain it but I have never seen it fail, and no I am not drinking.

Good luck


Vegas baby Vegas! Sorry had to do my best Vince Vaughn impersonation from my favorite movie. Major cool points to those who’ve seen it. I’m not sir how hot it was here today, once we’ve hit 100 it’s all downhill (which is apt since the lower you go the closer to the molten core you get, pardon me, my nerd is showing) from there. Mondays are one of the few days I have to go out while the sun is still up, and it shouldn’t surprise you that my nickname is Vamp because venturing out in the daytime in the summer I’m likely to burst into flames from spontaneous combustion.

Back on track…I don’t think I’m getting the chemical hiccups that you describe Talencia, hey are just the normal annoying ones that just won’t quit.

Freightliner, I hadn’t thought about it being a side effect from meds, I will start trying to keep track. The only thing that for sure gives me the hiccups is drinking root beer, never fails. But I’m a glutton for punishment so I put up with those episodes because as soon as I stop drinking it they go away, also cause root beer is freaking delishious.

I’ve done the upside down thing, spoonful of honey, sugar, holding my breath, begging people to scare the bejeesis out of me (will try cocoa next time…chocolate cure for the hiccups…I’m all over that) but nothing helps the super duper hiccups, I just have to let them ride it’s course. It is kinda creepy how quiet it is once the do stop lol.

Thanks for endulging my funny bone guys :slight_smile:

It was 101 up in NLV today, so it might have been 102 down at McCarran. Blah, weatherman this evening was saying Sunday might get to be 107! Blech, it's too early for it to be hitting that hot just yet. Well, maybe not, but it FEELS too early. By 110 I don't care anymore. It's just plain hot.

Voux, I DO know that my Prilosec makes me give little hics. They are just singles, and I've learned that they replace the acid in my stomach caused by the various meds that aren't nice to it. (Ran out of Prilosec once, and instead of hics I got acid reflux. Blech.) It isn't too far of a stretch to imagine it might cause a bad case of hiccups if you are taking it and your acid is being difficult. Just a thought! If this is what's behind it, maybe one of the additional stomach meds might help? Prevacid and Zantac are what my rheumy said I could take in addition to Prilosec. Hope this helps!

We had a patient at work who had hiccups for hours. His dr prescribed a muscle relaxer called baclofen. Patient didn’t call back so we assumed it worked. Most people don’t think to call their dr so if it is really frustrating you could call your doc. Best of luck.