Hi, Sunday I noticed a rash, thought it was my Pemphigoid coming lback, i am in the process of packing to move @ this time.
Monday I go see my primary care physician and its “Shingkes” niw its starting to blister. I was given Acyclovir 800 mgs, Gabapentin 600 mgs both are 3xs a day.
Hydroco/APAP. 5-500 MGS once every 4 hours, however I take it 2.5-3 hours.
Im in so much pain, Its uncomfortable to breathe, laugh,move or lie down as my Shingles wre on right side of back to right side of stomach and on other side of belly button.
Can anyone suggest how to possibly rest and get some sleep.
Has anyone gone thru this?
I was told due to my high dosage of prednisone and my injectionsof methotexrate my immune system is very vrry low and weak, sedrate is 270, so doctor said longer than 4 weeksI dont have the time or patience for this I gave my notife I wkd be koved out by April 1st. Im contagious so on lockdown.
And waiting got my Calif State Disability is taking their seeet azz time. My trackng # has been confirmed it they received it March 21 @ 8:31 AM. Im a State employee so my forms go to another office and yet their online states they have no info on me, you call and automated system states 24/7 that they hage reached the macimun amount of capls goodbye, i can enter my SS# and it states jo info found.
This is stressing me like never before. I have been without income since Feb. as I only worked 7 days. I may not even get to move due to $0.00 income, as I am my only income.
Can anyone route me in some direction with this.
Last week I was blessed and my god I talked to a human being, and was told it will take 4-8 weeks to process. Why ee have state of the art computers, just key in information of claimant & Dr and comouter/data system does the rest, of maoing sure every two weeks monies are put on the EDD DEBIT CARD. I used to work at a Califirnia State Disabity Offices n San Bernardino & Riverside. Oh crap my then Supervisor is the Manager wgere I have to send my Calim Form to. Not good at all.
Anyway thank uou for reading, know its lng and maybe too much info but my job requires alot of information as its the Sales & rUseTax Agency I work at here in Rancho Mirage. Ca so J alogize gor tbe length of my cry for help.
Take care, God Bless.
(0= Grace H

Hello Grace,

I am sorry to now hear you have shingles, i've never had them my friend but i've seen family and friends in the past with them and they do cause some severe pain and also scaring can happen which can sometimes heal like a burn and although you don't see anyone much shingles is still contagious to other's Grace.

Grace the link may help you regarding the shingles and rest.

Sorry to hear with what else is happening and i hope it sorts itself quickly but stress won't help the shingles and stress brings shingles on, if you've had no contact with anyone else.

Love & kisses Terri xxx

Hi Terri,
Thanks for your reply, I always know that if anyone will reply or show concern, its going to be you. If I hadn’t of known you here, Id be long gone.
I welcome everyone as you do to show we are here, tbey are not alone.
Yes they are not even close to chickenpox other than contagious & itch, but its lmore on the pain, burn & blisters like a severe burn.
Im blistering, and where these shingles are its uncomfortable to lay dowj.
breathe laugh or move but im ok, i have to be.
Im on lockdown hopefully till tomorrow, but I dont know how long I have to “STAY AWAY” so hopefully link will say
As for other I try not to stress but coming close to end of month, I need rent money. I am going to call all day to get thru.
Well time for pain med,
Thank you once again, you made my day

Hello Grace,

Your welcome and i was shocked no one had answered you because shingles is important where Lupus is concerned.

I know your always welcoming other's and that's lovely because anyone who joins wants to see a nice welcoming from members plus i would'nt like to see you go, as your such a lovely friend.

Apparently other's who have chickenbox or shingles can pass them onto we and visa versa as this links states.

My neighbour who is 51 had them on her chest last year and i kept a right distance and so did ste but she keeps well away from me with anything she as.

They are sore when lying down and even when you recover from can be left with pain afterwards which still occurs.

I don't blame you keep ringing and next monday is coming quick i really do hope you can sort it, i bet your totally stressed out as i would be, trying to sort an issue while in bad pain.

I know it's easy for me to say but try and keep carm my friend and my love and thoughts are with you Grace. ♥♥♥

Lol, I went and searchex Shingles & SLE, wow, someone on LWL, sent a discussion out, I replied with my youre not alone, I am experiencing same, etc etc.
After sending, it was from early 2012. So much for that huh?
But I am staying clear from everyone, but a great friend and her nephew said not to worry, the move will get done. (0=

Sorry the discussion ended up being no good to you but as long as you keep your distance from your friend and her nephew you should be ok and also them.

I'm just pleased you have help with the move and when it does happen things will starting looking up for the better and try not to stress with moving then resorting your new place...take it easy on what you do.

Hugs Terri xxx

Ugh, I'm so sorry you have shingles. My mom got over a case of shingles about 4 months ago. I'm surprised the hydroco/APAP isn't helping you sleep. Cool, wet compresses may help with the pain. Supposedly putting cornstarch on the blisters can help them dry out faster. Don't let anyone come in contact with the blisters and make sure you wash everything that touches the blisters (towels, clothes, sheets, etc.). I'm sorry I can't offer more help. The best thing I can tell you is after this episode, talk to your doctor about the shingles vaccine ("Zoster Shot"). Since shingles is now being seen more and more frequently in those younger than 60, many insurance companies and physicians are offering the vaccine to younger folks. I will be praying for relief and rest for you.

Oh, and stress can trigger a shingles outbreak just as it can with lupus.

Great info Bsllerina8876, Im in process of packing to move so im touching evrrything.
Do you know how long i am contagious? Im on prednisone and I read online its not good to have vaccine

Ive been stressing soo much then not feeling well, then Suprise, got a rash.

Once the blisters become crusty, you're no longer contagious.

My Lupus was first discovered because of a violent reaction to a shingles injection. I was hospitalized because my lungs were completely filled with fluid. It was there, after a battery of tests, they announced that I had Lupus. One year later, in spite of the shingles injection, I got a severe attack of shingles. The pain and itching lasted approx 4 months but a year later I still am very sensitive and sore at the site. I am told it may never completely stop bothering me. It is bearable, actually only bad enough for me to complain frequently but not bad enough to need any medication.

During the attack I was put on gabapentin and oxycodin. I was prescribed a patch to put on my leg once a day for twelve hours. It numbed the pain a lot. Joanne N

go to walgreens and get walgreen brand of natural colloidal oatmeal bathing packets in a box,cream in a lotion pump container and i also got body wash for if i want to take a shower. i have had shingles 3 weeks and it is hell. my doctor said i was not contagious once they start drying up.take a simply sleep pill . i actually take 3 a night or 2 at first and one more half way through the night. I use cornstarch as powder for a quick fix for itiching and burning. aloe plant is advised if you or a friend have one.sleep is only for 3 or 4 hours at a time.i use calamine lotion at times. the disease is inside so i have upset stomah and even vomitted once.i use metamucil to keep myself is a very painful disease. we can still get a shot and i am on my way in a month to walgreens to get my shot which i neglected to attend to when i shoud have.

there is drug starts used to treat herpes which shingles is...and it really helps with the pain. I also got it and my white count went horribly low where my doctor had me stay home for bit to get it up.

Try to wear softest and not tight but very loose clothing where you have the shingles.

That drug actually works much better on shingles pain than vicodin i had both and just ended up using it. My mom had her shingles last about 6 months as she was older when she got it and said same thing...herpes drug works way better than narcotic drugs so ask about getting can get it both in pills plus a cream. sorry i do not know the name but standard drug for shingles.

As to you state disability...if you are talking about the year one...where just your doctor signs you off it took me about 3 weeks to get my first check. Your job should help you make sure you are in. Just call your HR dept.

IF you are trying to get on permanent disability good luck. Due to our budget and just so many people abused the state disability ( number were caught and went to prison for lying) well state has swung extremely to other side where is about impossible to get it.

My husband has shoulder injury from on the job...where i know a guy who got Federal Disability just on that alone and he did not use his shoulder for his job...less than 10 years ago. My husband not only has that but also back injury all on he has hemochromatosis which has completely wrecked both his ankles. He was refused disability by the state and yes he had lawyer and all his doctors supported him. He went to see state doctor who all the other doctors are in tizzy about what he said as he only saw my husband less than 10 minutes never looked at x rays or test and said he is okay...where privately he had ortho surgeons, 3 of them all say shoulder is completely shot...he should be retired years ago on it.

So good luck....HR should be able to help you where you worked for the state...and your supervisor ..well you can ask that he not be involved as he has prejudice against your case.

Regarding about being contagious... here is what web md you should be careful but now days most people have the vaccine.

You can't catch shingles from someone else who has shingles. But there is a small chance that a person with a shingles rash can spread the virus to another person who hasn't had chickenpox and who hasn't gotten the chickenpox vaccine.

i hope you find out soon about check and i hope it is just the year one... i really think this about state workers cannot apply for fed disability does not make sense...because someone who has never worked is able to apply. I hope you feel better

oh there is shingles vaccine out for those over 50 and recommended to those who never had chicken pox and has weaken immune system. just in case others are worried about getting it.

I have never experienced shingles, but I have been told that it is one of the most painful things you will ever go through!!! I wish for you health and less pain the upcoming weekend!!!


Hello Grace, I am sorry to hear you have shingles and I am sorry to hear about the other problems you are experiencing also, my brother had shingles a year ago and he was in excruciating pain, he was crying and everything and he is a 53 year old man, he kept apologizing for crying in front of us like a baby but with the pain my brother was in I totally understand how you and he was feeling, it is also a shame that it takes so long for a claim to be processed we work non stop constantly and when we need our money the government gives us a hard time and makes us wait for ever, but our bills don't wait! I pray that one day the system will be better for us all, my thoughts and prayers are with you Grace. God Bless You! Lady CJ

Hello Megan,

Thanks so much for your input helping Grace alot more as it's deeply appreciated by we both.

Love Terry xxx

Ballerina8876 said:

Once the blisters become crusty, you're no longer contagious.

Thank you everyone for your input on helping Grace, as this is stressful for her at the moment with several issues going on, it's deeply appreciated.

"THANK YOU" thumbs up hand gesture smiley

I am on those meds, I just never thought of vicodine too.
It was a better day, slept until 1:30 pm.
Thannk you

Ann A. said:

Dear Bozz,

Please accept my sincere understanding of how miserable shingles can make you feel. I will never forget the day that I first felt shingles. It was just before Thanksgiving and I had spent the day cooking and baking. I fell asleep on the couch in the family room. I awakened in the middle of the night because my mouth hurt so badly. My first thought was that I had burned myself while cooking. I tried to handle it by myself for much of the next day. But it was so painful that I called my dentist office - you know - mouth pain and dentist sort of go together.

I was prescribed the Acyclovir and some liquid lidocaine (I was already taking hydrocodone and gabapentin for my back pain). I felt much better over the next couple of days - even though it was not a great way to spend Thanksgiving). It was the next month when my severe vitamin D deficiency was diagnosed and that was why my immune system was weak enough for the shingles virus to be activated.

I do not have any recommendations for faster healing. And boy do I wish I new how to get the bureaucracy to do a better job of responding to human pain. I just wanted to share my sincere wish that you will feel better soon. You have a lot going on in your life right now and things like this always seem to strike when stress is already high.

So I just wanted you to know that I will read as much as you care to write and that I am keeping you in my prayers. I wish I could do more.

Please accept a giant electronic hug.

Awe, Terri, you just made my whole week. :heart:

Tez_20 said:

Thank you everyone for your input on helping Grace, as this is stressful for her at the moment with several issues going on, it’s deeply appreciated.

“THANK YOU” thumbs up hand gesture smiley