Several white spots on Brain MRI

Awhile back I posted that I was having some weird neuro symptoms (tingling and cramping in legs, hand tremors). Several of you suggested I get this checked out. So here's where I am at the moment. I have had a complete a series of MRI's to rule out MS. No lesions on spinal cord. Brain MRI revealed several white spots on the frontal and parietal lobes that are not indicative of MS, stroke or tumor but may be autoimmune related. I am scheduled to get an EMG in November. Has anyone else had this? I am still having the hand tremors and some tingling and cramping in legs especially at night. My B12 was low normal at 333 and my B1 and Vitamin D were also low. So I am taking supplements for those. My other blood work is essentially normal except for some low wbc counts. C4 is leaning towards low at 19 (16 is considered low).

I would love to hear form folks who have had this or a similar experience. Thanks

Need a doctor to explain - could be a bazillion things or unknown I know age will show changes in your brain MRI as well Don't worry about your C4 Low would be mine a few years back when it hit zero!!

mj, wonderful news that you have no lesions showing on your spinal cord. The few in your brain scans can be caused by so much! They recently learned people who have migraine headaches with aura usually have them.

I hope you get some concrete help very soon. I'm all for supplements, and find I get mine best from eating foods high in what I need. I do several recommended to me to help with my neuro and muscle issues - zinc, magnesium and calcium, vitamin D, and B12. I also avoid triggers - for me, those include meats and poultry that have been given hormones and routine antibiotics. I eat as clean as possible, and it helps to an extent.

Please keep us posted!

healing hugs,


Hi Louise, thanks for your kind words. I am also eating very clean these days. Only organic as much as possible and nothing processed. It does help some. The neuro doc says it could be high blood pressure or diabetes or migraines or autoimmune. Since my no is consistent ly low, and I don’t have diabetes or migraines, seems like the only thing left is autoimmune. Anyway I was just wondering if anybody else is gone through this.

Good morning! Had clean brain MRI a few months ago, however, do have hand tremors, specifically two fingers on one hand (mainly and fairly constantly). I would like to hear if anyone else has this, as well... Thank you!

I have had the same exact symptoms. Still do. I went through the MRIs except for the brain. Nothing was found. I just had the EMG two weeks ago and the doctor found carpel tunnel in both wrists along with the elbow version of carpel tunnel in my elbow. I was fitted with wrist braces that I wear primarily at night and if I am having trouble during the day.

The EMG is not very comfortable, but the doctor usually does it and tells you the results right away. Good luck!

When I had one of my strokes (due to Lupus) they did a MRI...they said I had MS...then the next day the Dr. came back and said no it was not MS....It was Hypertension, I guess hypertension and MS must look alike and are hard to tell the difference. I have tremors, my head, my hands and my legs are the worse for the siezures.....I hope you find your answers soon.....till then take it day by day and you will get through it....I have had lupus now for almost 30 years...maybe longer....HUGS....

heymj...Yes...I have had the same results on a brain scan. I have also had varying comments from Dr.s about it. Some say smoker's brains have the same white spots...and I did smoke much of my life...not the past 4 years or so...but enough not to rule it out. There were also what they said were two or three small strokes...not tmi's...and very similar symptoms sent me for these scans. Palsy...cramping...and I also have some cramping in the back and diaphragm area that sometimes prevents me from taking a full breath...or completing a yawn. Later it was found I had a mastoid tumor of significant size that was infected. Following the surgery to correct that much of my palsy went away...and much of the leg spasms too. I still have the odd situation in my breathing though...what should be an automatic response is not always so for me anymore. Will let you all know if and when this situation is resolved...and what they find causes it. Good luck to you.

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for sharing about your struggle. It is frustrating when there is something happening but no one can tell you why. I try not to worry too much but it's disconcerting to say the least. It just seems like there's no end to what this disease can do. I would be most interested to hear how this all turns out for you. Hopefully, they will figure it out for us both soon. Hang in there.

Hey Julie

I also have peripheral neuropathy in my feet, but no seizures thank God. Not currently on meds but the tremors are not really bad all the time. Just when I get tired or stressed. I am glad that you are being successfully treated. Hopefully I will get this figured out soon. Take care and thanks for sharing. Big hug.