Seriously bad experience with Doctor

Hello - Please help. I am feeling quite desperate today after going to see a Doctor that I went to for 25 years.

This Doctor diagnosed me with Graves Disease in 1990. I moved away and had to find a new Dr.

I went to see my old Dr. today because my current Doctor seemed to be struggling with my on going problems. I really thought my old Doctor would be happy to see me but I was very wrong.

Even though I took a pile of evidence with me he doubted every word I said. Currently I am prescribed narcotic pain relief because I have a back injury and cannot take nsaids or seizure medication. Also a Psychiatrist prescribed me a stimulant because I was dangerously depressed with medication resistant depression.

I showed him my Thyroid function test I had done. The TSH, T3 & T4 are slightly elevated but my Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase Ab is greater than 13000 (normal range >60). Apparently that demonstrates that I have aggressive disease activity?

The Doctor was so horrible to me. Even though I explained all my symptoms he didn't believe me and even phoned the DDU (drugs of dependent unit) and told them I was seeking pain relief and stimulant drugs. My current Doctor knew I was going there today and had no problem with it.

What is wrong with these Doctors? Why do they treat people with Auto Immune disorders like they're lying hypochondriacs? Not everyone who takes narcotics does it to get high. They don't even make you high when you take the for pain. What happened to basic human rights?

I've felt like giving up before but after today I never want to see a Doctor again. Please, if anyone has some advice or even if you want to tell your own Doctor horror story I would love to hear from you. I feel very alone and so sick of severe symptoms with no answers.

Yours Down Under


I'm sorry I don't have any advice. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you had such a horrible experience. I dread going to my own dr because I feel like I have to spend time convincing him that I'm telling the truth rather than focusing on treatment. You're not alone...((hugs))


So sorry that you have to go through something like this......the old motto "the customer is always right" should apply to doctors too "THE PATIENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT".....hang in there.............

HUGS AND BLESSINGS and praying for you :)

Sorry to hear your story it is the specialists that get we I see 3 and all have different options, in the end I try something if it works it works if it dose not then its not for me

Perhaps it would be best if you went to a pain management specialist for your narcotics and stimulants- this is what they specialize in and save your family doctor to manage your thyroid issues. If already in pain management (DDU) it is a rule that you can NOT seek these drugs from other physicians Is DDU a pain management clinic? You also should consider having your thyroid evaluated by an endocrinologist if it is too complex for your family doctor. Always depressing when you go to the doc for help and they seem to ridicule you instead Time for you to take control!!

NicMic, I have had bad experiences with doctors, and my own decision was to find better ones. Caring, compassionate doctors who consider themselves healers first and foremost. You are absolutely right that you don't get a high from your medications when needed for pain. Long term use can cause dependence, but that isn't the same thing as addiction.

The best advice I have for you is to look elsewhere. Get the help you need, and forget about this visit. Let it go, as well as the stress it has caused you. 1 bad apple doesn't mean the whole bushel is rotten.

healing hugs,