Life With Lupus

Sensitive scalp?


Yesterday the top of my head was hurting, thinking it was because I had my hair up I didn’t think it was anything. But today it really started hurting. No sores that I can feel. Almost feels like bruses. Has anyone ever had this?


Hi Beck

I used to have this problem when i wore my hair up or was outside in the sun alot. I now wear my hair down or in a very loose braid all the time.


I’ve cut my hair just so I wouldn’t wear it up but it’s just long enough to put it up, thinking I’ll cut it again this weekend. When I know I’ll be out side for long I wear a hat.


Yes I get this quite often. Every so often a new discussion about it comes u, so if you type "sore scalp" in the empty search box in the upper right corner, u may see how common it is. We get inflammations in all parts of our bodies, scalp included.


The top of my head was hurting like I was bopped in my head and was making me have horrible headaches for days when I asked my husband to look at it he said it looked like a bump/ pimple but it was red I don’t wear my hair up and I was just diagnosed so I’m not that knowledgeable