Scleroderma and lupus

Anyone have these together?

Cindy, I do not have this combination, but it is not uncommon for people with one autoimmune diagnosis to also wind up with another. I hope there is someone here who can relate to what you are dealing with. I knew of one person but she is not here now.

warm hugs, Louise

Hi I am new to this group. I have scleroderma, lupus nephritis and pulmonary hypertension.

Welcome. I have a combination of autoimmune disease. It’s like it’s on a spectrum. I have SLE, sjögrens, celiac, and degos. I just call it lupus because the treatment seems to be the same. Except the degos. That’s the rare one and the only one that really scares me. I’m glad you found this group. There’s a lot of great advice and support here.