Rheumy doc don't prescribe pain meds

Hi all, I'm just looking for a little advice. I went to my rheumatologist on Monday for my knees aching, both are in constant pain, especially when I come to work and have to walk up my stairs. Well my doc gave me some type of injection in one knee (saying insurance won't cover both knee injections), however it wasn't cartliage because we are still waiting on approval from my insurance. However, she also told me to wear knee braces, by the way I have one on both knees today. But I was informed that she wasn't allowed to prescribe pain meds, what the hell??? So what am I suppose to do about the chronic pain in my knees that only get worse when I come to work? I'm thinking I need a new Rheumy but I don't know if any can prescribe pain meds, please help????

Mine won’t prescribe pain meds either. I get mine from my PCP. Pain management is the other option. Most docs won’t prescribe them nowadays because of the crack down by the DEA.

Although my current rheumy does Rx pain meds, I don't know yet if my new one will. I have gone to a pain management specialist before, with good results. I will go back to one if this Rheumy is like yours. So I recommend a pain management doc, too.

Regards from Rosie

Mine prescribes pain meds, not sure if that is changing with new laws/regs, if so, I haven't been impacted as of yet. I'm sorry you're hurting and hope that you can quickly get some help from your PCP, a new Rheumy or a pain management clinic.

My rheumy won't give me pain meds, either, and I get them from my orthopedic surgeon. You may need to see a pain mgmt. specialist since the government is cracking down on pain meds and the doctors are having to watch what they prescribe these days. HUGS! Lori

Thank you all, this is the first I have ever heard of this. I'm not wondering why my doc didn't recommend this to me, knowing i'm in a lot of pain daily.. Well I'll see what I can do and keep you all posted.

I live in Katy, Texas and our state is really cracking down on the misuse of prescription pain meds...it hurts people like me...who really need the meds! I'm getting ready to go to a pain mgmt. doctor, too!


I think every state is cracking down. The Feds are also cracking down and I believe this is why the states are (at least partially anyway.) new federal laws were passed a couple of months ago that will require more of doctors who prescribe pain meds for chronic pain patients. My PCP didn’t know all the new rules and regulations but one part of it was a requirement that docs who prescribe pain meds get certified. His prediction that even fewer docs outside pain management will be willing to manage chronic pain patients. I am very fortunate that my PCP (who is wonderful and caring and knowledgeable and willing to look things up that he doesn’t know) is willing to manage my pain meds. It is one less doc I have to go see.

so ok, i've looked up and found a few pain management docs, but how do I approach it.. I can't say, hey i'm in pain and my doc won't prescribe me meds, can you?, lol... I'm going to call and make me an appointment

Sure you can… Maybe in this way “hi, my name is Torie. I have a chronic illness managed by my rheumatologist. However, he/she does not manage my pain. I would like to make an appointment.” Pain management in my town requires a referral from your PCP or rheumy- I got mine from my rheumy.

You should see the ortho first Treatment should be towards the underlying cause Are you not taking NSAIDS? Most docs will not prescribe on-going pain med for this until other options are performed like braces. injections etc. Also weight loss is a big help if you need to lose some weight. Good luck

Wow, what kind of rheummy cant prescrib pain meds??

Try talking to your primary care Doctor. The DEA has cracked down on pain meds and they are in a way requiring patients to get pain meds from only one source, the PCP. So, I would give them a call or schedule an appointment and explain what is going on. They are usually pretty receptive under these circumstances. Best of luck and I hope you can get some relief. Another thing that is helpful, if you don't already have them are Neoprene braces, can get them at Walmart or any pharmacy. They hold in the heat to help relieve some of the pain you are feeling and help loosen up the tendons, muscles and ligaments to give you more mobility. Good luck and hope you can get the help you need.

Have you tried Motrin? Yes your rheum can and should be prescribing some kind of anti inflammatory drug like motrin since that is source of your pain...be it cartilage, bone etc.

I was on prescribed motrin at 800 to 1000 mg ea pill and it really did help greatly. I actually believe it helped more than narcotic drugs which i now must take since the motrin after 20 plus years of using finally hurt my stomach. EAT before taking so you stave your stomach!!

There are many anti inflammatory drugs which she can prescribe. As to narcotic.. your doctor,all doctors can prescribe pain medication though many do not like to since DEA checks on those kind of drugs. BUT as long as your doctor is following the law than nothing for them to worry about...you can ask about going to pain doctor.

BUT i can say this....do no use narcotic pain pills unless it is very last resort. I wish someone had told me negative side of it...there are many. Mainly is that your body will become dependent on them...not addictive like addict but your body gets use to them and to get off you will get sick if you been on them for years. Plus the entire RX is handled differently and can be a pain in itself.

I try ice/heat charcoal braces plus cort shots...acupuncture, TENS ..so many other things that one can do to help deal with pain other than narcotics...if only doctors told you!! Plus if your health insurance covered the other options.

Also narcotic meds are expensive...my husband is on strong vicodin...it is 1200 month! Just for hydrocodone!! If you bought bottle of plain vicodin like dentist give you....less $10 for 30 !!

so yes she can and should give you pain pills..just try to not use narcotic ones...until very last resort! i hope you are feeling better soon. You might also see ortho doctor as well ...also try to get all your doctors to work together...it works so much better and they tend to come up with best ideas for you! wish you the best

My Rheumy says that the meds he gives me are supposed to alieviate the pain. Face it, this pain is in for the long run. He said that if I cannot deal with the pain is because the meds are not working--it's time to change them.

Mine does prescribe pain meds and I didn’t even ask. I told her about the amount of joint pain I was having and she just gave them to me. I can’t imagine a rheumy not being able to prescribe pain meds…that stinks!!! Good luck. Hope you find some relief soon!!!

Poobie, I don't have a recommendation for an ortho doc, and yes I already got an injection and I'm wearing braces on both legs, and as for weigh loss, I'm 5'8' wearing 140lbs, I could stand a few, lol. and

MBPP, thanks. that sounds much better than what I was thinking,

thanks all, i'm looking for another Rheumy, so hopefully I'll be getting some relief real soon.

You are very welcome. I find that it is sometimes best to ask because other people have differing views on things. I have a tendency to open my mouth and speak before I think. Gets me in a bit of trouble at times. Good luck finding someone to help with your pain.

Torie Wise said:

Poobie, I don’t have a recommendation for an ortho doc, and yes I already got an injection and I’m wearing braces on both legs, and as for weigh loss, I’m 5’8’ wearing 140lbs, I could stand a few, lol. and

MBPP, thanks. that sounds much better than what I was thinking,