Rheumatologist in the Brooksville,Fl area?

Does anyone know of us rheumatologist in my area of Brooksville, FL.? If I hear one more time that all of my pain and issues are"the disease" and I have to “accept the fact that my body is attacking my own body” I am going to lose my mind. There has to be someone that has a clue and one ounce of empathy for what I’m going through. I don’t feel like I can keep going at this rate. It’s is a doctor telling me these things! All he wants to do is give 2 cortisone shots ($400.00 each) and send me on my way for three months. And the shots don’t even control the pain. I’m almost too tired and sore to get to the dr’s anymore between ophthalmologist, rheumatologist, oncologist ( had cancer last year) and GP.

Almost over it.

Hello Laura,

So sorry to hear what your going through and the rheumo sounds to me like he loves money, christ mate that's so expensive for shots...stay strong mate as that's all we can do where issues are concerned with our health, you've suffered such alot by what you say.

I hope the links below help regarding getting another rheumo.



Dr. Anas Moureiden, MD


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Rheumatology 9.08 miles from Brooksville, FL
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I do hope the links help...Hugs Terri :)