Life With Lupus

Reposting of Fine Rashes, southern girl


Posted by southern girl on November 5, 2015 at 11:11am

So i been having this fine rash on my neck for a couple of months and nothing i put on it makes it go away. sometime it itches badly but not all the time. I am not sure if its the lupus since I just got diagnose and the only other places I had rashes was on my arms and it flares up when i’m in the sun or just very humid and hot and I know my doctor told me that was lupus. I go back to see my doctor in December but i am thinking about calling my dermatologists to schedule an appointment for later this month. Have anyone else has or had fine rashes on their necks that don’t seem to go away???


Hey southern girl! I'm from Tennessee. We are sister GRITS (girls raised in the south) I have had weird rashes on my neck for as long as I can remember. Mine are on either side of my neck and my chest. When I don't have an active rash, the area has light tan dots like faded freckles and turns red whenever I get hot. My chest and neck look like cheetah print! I never related it to lupus until I was diagnosed, but I still haven't had any doctor confirm it. I don't get the typical butterfly rash, but I get a rash around both eyes (mainly on my eyelids). My dermatologist gave me a prescription cream called Elidel. It works for that. I haven't tried it on my neck.


Hi Southern girl,

I have had trouble with rashes on and off on my neck, chest and forearms. Ointments help with acute phases, but I find that long term, I use fragrance free products and straight vitamin E for moisturizer in my rashy places.

Also, I discovered that any lotions with sunscreen break me out!!! Which is weird since that is supposedly the cure for sun sensitivity that causes the rash in the first place. In my case, the cure is worse than the rash I get from the sun!

Best of luck.