Life With Lupus

Recommend a Great Rheumatologist (positive reviews only, please)


Let's help each other out by sharing our recommendations for rheumatologists, with their name, hospital, and location please.

One thing I would like to know particularly if is you have had better luck at teaching hospitals that have a "Lupus Clinic," "Lupus Center," or "Lupus Center of Excellence."


This is a great idea, considering I've seen so many people throughout discussions complain about their rheumys for whatever reason...

My rheumatologist is Dr. Paul McCarthy at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT. He does Pediatric Rheumatology so if you're an interested adult looking for a new rheumy, you'd have to look into all of that because I don't know what other clinics he does, etc. And if you have children showing symptoms or who were diagnosed with Lupus, I highly recommend him.

He's been my rheumy since I was diagnosed when I was about 13/14 years old. He's very knowledgeable and very compassionate and works cohesively with all of the other doctors I have (sending appointment notes, changes, bloodwork, etc).



I go to Dr. Gorman at the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua NH. I've been going to him for 3 1/2 years. At first he seemed as if he had "no bedside manner" I was told to stick with him because he was good. I love him now.

He's just very busy but I needed to see him "right away" one time and I got in the same day.



My rheumatologist is Dr. Scott Harris. He works out of the Touro Health Clinic, which is part of the Touro University here in Las Vegas, Nevada. They do not have a specific Lupus program here that I am aware of, however from what I understand, the doctors involved with the Health Clinic are well versed in autoimmune problems, as quite a few of them suffer from them as well. There is another rheumatologist working in the same office who also deals with Lupus, and I've heard good things about him as well.

Dr. Harris is less concerned with nailing down exactly what it is you technically have, and more concerned with treating whatever is going on at the time. His point to me was that whether it is called UCTD or Lupus, it gets treated with the same medicines and treatments. I've found him a valuable source of information, and he is very intelligent and quick to think. He has spoken to his students while in the room with me and told them that although many doctors stick to the "4 criteria out of eleven" for diagnosis, that was meant for clinical use specifically and should not be the only means to diagnosis within a practice. He also has told me stories of going to bat for his patients, even down to testifying in court and battling insurance companies. I believe in this man.


This is a positive way to get people to know that there are doctor’s that are available and have the answer’s to give, and are sincere. If anyone is in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Dr. Lim at Grady Memorial Hospital is great , he is over the Lupus and Rhymetology clinic . Hope this helps someone. …Beverly L.


My rheumatologist is a very bright young doctor trained in India. First doctor in years to actually test me… Like I have been telling people, she is the first specialist that knew more then me about my condition! Usually I am having to coach the doctors on the latest findings, which if they looked at the Internet once a week , would bring them up to date… My previous rheumy would not even test me for FMS saying it was a woman’s disease!

Dr Smitha Reddy

Arthritis Care and Research Center, Poway, Ca

Scripps Hospital, La Jolla Ca.


I see Dr Smith at mission hospital ashville nc he listens to me and he gets lupus,


I see Dr. Prameela Goli, a rheumatologist in Birmingham, Al. at Brookwood Hospital. She is a wonderful caring md, and is very knowledgeable in lupus. She works close with my primary care md, and seems to really care about what's going on with me each visit. She treats each and every visit like its my first one and takes the time to really listen. I would highly recommend her.


I am looking for one in central Wisconsin… Marshfield clinic region… The one i saw for my diagnosis does not make me feel like he wants to help me…


I am looking for a decent rheumy in Oahu. The one that I am currently seeing is very disappointing after the wonderful care that I had in Vegas. Notice that I said decent, I don't think that there are great doctors of any sort here.


anyone in ontario has any luck with anyone at the lupus clinic :) Looking for a new doctor. Has anyone had any luck with Dr Urowitz ? I heard he very good bur wanted to see if anyone has or had him as a doctor :)


My rheumatologist is Kalista Engelman, at Saint Luke's North in Kansas City, Missouri. She hasn't been my doctor for long, but for the short time I've known her she has been very helpful and very friendly. I feel like she genuinely cares about me and even her nurse is very friendly and caring. They both are always eager to see me and willing to help me with any problem I may have, even if to me it sounds completely bizarre. I'm very grateful for both of them and all of my other doctors as well.