Life With Lupus

Recently diagnosed with dle


Hi my name is Aisha. I’ve recently been diagnosed with dle in September 2016 when my hair dresser noticed several bad spots on my head. I was given cyclosporine but I am continually getting new spots and losing more hair. I was tested for SLE but was told I don’t have it. About a month ago I. Oto ed what I thought was a cut on my tongue, but recently it feels like the inside of my mouth is raw. My dermatologist would like to start me on plaquenil, but I am hesitant. Wondering if there are supplements or natural things I can try. I am just beginning to be very good about sun protection, realizing now that I have to completely cover up and try not to be outdoors in peak hours. In the beginning I thought putting sunscreen on was enough and still wore shorts and short sleeved shirts. Any help, tips would be appreciated. I live in hawaii.


By the way, anyone else with DLE…how long will it be before it stops/goes away. I realize I will probably get it again…just wondering how long the duration is. Doesn’t seem like the medication makes it go away…