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So I am almost done with this semester and I can not wait my body is so ready for a break. I am currently in a flare, extreme fatigue, mouth sores, increased pain and and and.... So we are finally getting to our last comp. paper which is a research paper. We are supposed to research and argument. I am thinking of researching the controversy of medical treatment vs. natural treatment, but I am also looking for any more ideas you may have in mind. Or any research questions you think would be good.... Please share! :D Thanks all!!

Hey Louters

Glad to hear you have almost made it through the semester Yeah ! I like the idea of traditional Vs Alternative treatments . In some cases I have had better results from natural or holistic treatments but traditional treatments do seem to work faster. Hey would you post your final paper so we can read it? That would be awesome God Bless Julie

Good timing for you to mention this. If you do decide to use that subject, last night my brother sent me a documentary link that talks about modern vs natural medicine, and when and why doctors decided to never use the remedies that have worked for thousands of years, and only use pharmaceuticals. I use both natural and modern medicine. You can watch a bit at a time if you want. It's a bit long.

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I think that would be a great idea to research! What drives me nuts with treatment is that you have to go to a different person for everything! I understand we need to have specialists and I'm thankful I do have a doctor I can go to for a specific problem, but the body works as a whole. Maybe as part of the paper you could also examine how Western medicine could improve with better communication between all the specialists. One doctor will put me on a medication that I know has interactions with another medication I'm taking that is prescribed by a different doctor.

I just wish my doctor would treat me as a whole person and not just give me a pill for one symptom. Isn't that part of health?

There's a video that might help your research on youtube: TED TALKS "Ben Goldacre: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe"

Good luck on your research! I'm almost done with this semester too so can't wait to relax!

Wow! Thanks guys! I have to have 11-14 sources so I will definitely be using those! I would love to post my paper afterwards for you all to read! :slight_smile:

Wow Louters - you're amazing! Congratulations for getting through the semester!!

I'd be interested in collecting statistics on what kind of stressors Lupus patients experienced in the year before their symptoms started. It would be great to see if there were any commonalities.

Louters look what I just found! Scholarships and other help for disabled students. Serious chronic illnesses also count as disabilities.

I am glad you are almost done with your semester. Great job Julie. That is a wonderful topic. It is true that natural remedies are much more effective. I want to know what are you studying. I wonder if any of you have studied to become doctors. It will be a big benefit to us lupus patients and care takers.

I really hope it happens so there will be a person who understands the whole thing.

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How are you going to research that? Or can you just argue each side?

I’m going for early childhood elementary teaching but want to go on to work with disabled students. :slight_smile: it’s researching and argumentative issue…so I thought that may be the best bet.