Went to see my Rhuemy yesterday. She is going to start trying on a brand new medication called Rayos. It is just approved about a month ago. She stopped me on prednisone a while back because it was causing nonstop bleeding. This is my last effort to get this under control...next step would be chemo. Have had changes in my urine and she found a small amount of blood in my urine. It has been a little dark and strong smelling (sorry if that is too much info), along with a lot of back pain. Especially in the morning when I first wake up, until I go to the bathroom, then sometimes it's hard to get it all going and out...sorry...just need advice. So I guess my overall question is has anyone else taken this yet? And what are some of the side effects you have had? It says its a time released med, and you take before bed. And it is like prednisone..ugh!! I sooooo don't want to go through the weight gain and moon face again... :(

One, sounds like you have a bad uti.

Two, never heard of the med but do your research first.

I know when in a severe flare my doc orders my prednisone to be given every 12 hours- super effective in that it keeps the inflammation down consistently throughout the day and allows for a smaller dose to be more effective. Hopefully the rayos will accomplish the same for you.

Haven't taken it, but am realy anxious to hear how it works for you, as I just had to stop my CellCept because of really bad stomach reaction.