Rash that comes and goes?!?

on both of my upper arms I have huge blotchy rash. it doesn't itch or anything just appeared today? is that normal with lupus.... I was just diagnosed and I have no idea whats going on and kind of freaken out

its almost like a sunburn appearance with some dots.... I know platelets arnt low I had that tested

The exact same thing has just happened to me. Blotchy rash just appeared on my chest and arms today, not itchy at all. Just red blotches. I'm thinking it's probably just a weird lupus thing. If it gets worse maybe see your doctor, you could just need a cream or something.

Hello Potslupus,

Regarding being diagnosed with Lupus have you also seen a Dermo in the meantime as there's many skin issues linked with Lupus and if it keeps coming and going it sounds like your in a flare...you need to see a Dermo on this and also take picture's as it helps when you see the specialist in case it's eased a little.

The links below show pictures and also explains about skin conditions :)