Question about certain treatments

Just wondering if anyone ever gets Kenalog shots from their rhumeotologist?
Mine gave me one yesterday but I also take Plaquinel and 10mg prednisone daily…

Kenalog is the preferred anti-inflammatory injection into an inflamed joint by many docs. Many docs will use the injection directly into a hotspot rather than increase your prednisone Yep I have had them and they are a godsend

Thank u poobie, for responding :wink:
They just gave it to me in the arm even though most of my joints are hot spots :slight_smile:

im not sure what the drug is their injecting in my lower lumbar,but my pain management dr is doing these,i have had 2 so far aweek apart,before the first 1 i was walking with a walker because of severe pain in my left hip and knee,its been 2 weeks and i havent had any pain,they r great.good luck,i do no that it is a type of a steriod.