Putting out fires

Soooo ive been up since about 4:30 ish…I have blood work and cytoxin today at 11:30 , hopefully the benadryl will help me sleep. I’ve been struggling with my relapsing polycondritus lately…The cartilage in my top ear is deteriorating form it, feels like someone is perpetually squeezing it. My eardrum is effected too so it’s been thrombin like crazy:(it’s very hard to get a good sleep because of it but hopefully the cytoxin will chill the flare out!!!my liver has been very enlarged and extremely uncomfortable as well. of course my urea nitrogen was abnormal low last month indicating liver problems:/I’m hoping for the best that my blood work will come back ok today but i don’t see how it possibly could…well i guess it’s just 1more thing, i know my rheumatologist will monitor the situation closely. Anywho , im ready for a little cup of Joe and the morning news, I’ll let you what happens. Have a great day:)


Sounds like you like your rheumy me too. I read what you are going thru and I stop feeling for myself.

Let us know how you make out today.


Best of luck with your blood work

Just too much for 1 person to handle. You are amazing Dawn, I wish you the best!

Sorry the polychondritis is flaring. Mine has really calmed down with the prednisone. Wishing you rest and relief.

Thank you my friends for my well wishes and support:) fortunately my blood work came back ok enough for cytoxin but no exactly normal, whatever…I’ve been resting in bed all day watching movies and cuddling with my kitties:) as far as the polycondritus its still flaring away but I haven’t had any major issues with my lungs the past month so maybe chemo is helping!!! I have an appointment with my orthopedic December 16th and my rheumatologist the 17th so I’ll have more info then. I did speak to my rhemys physicians assistant in the lobby yesterday, she thinks a liver scan is in order. Till then I’m just gonna enjoy the holiday season! Xoxo