Purple lesion

So I already have weird lesions over most of my stomach thighs, etc. Biopsy says it is granuloma annulare caused by inflammation. Shocker. Anyway I had my hair up the other day and my daughter asked what was on my skin behind my ear. Not on the ear itself. She says it is purple and must be ink. But when she tries to wipe away of course it won’t. It is round in shape and maybe 3/4 in with norm skin in middle. It is bright purple. Ideas? Never seen anything like this. In light of my chronic pleurisy and pericarditis is is pretty low on my priorities but just really curious.

I’ve never heard of anything quite like that - if it doesn’t go away in a few days best to have a dermatologist take a look

I sometimes get dark purple rashes that look like scratches or bruises. Does it look anything like that? My doctor didn’t know what they were.

I have all kinds of bruises and purple "things" on my body. It's from steroids, 4 autoimmune diseases, and various other meds. Plaquinil (hydroxychloroquin) is a big culprit. It can make your skin gray.

You got to hold on!

P.S. Go see a doctor right away.

Thanks. I can’t see it so daughter took a pic of it. It is slightly raised. Wonder if it is a weird blood vessel? Definitely not a bruise. Appreciate your input.

Does it look like this?

11-Lupus2onleftsdchest.jpg (14.6 KB)