PRP or blood spinning

Has anyone heard of blood spinning or PRP? My friend heard about it on a podcast and it seemed like a possible effective treatment for lupus and RA

My rheumatologist just recommend PRP to me this past Wednesday, for my knee. one of her nurses did it for her elbow and she had great success .. I did some research and it seems to be popular for elbows and knees. I have several joint injuries but my rhuemy wants me to do the knee if I decide to try it.. it's around 3-$400 an injection and most people need at least 2 but a full cycle is 3. It's all out of pocket so its definitely an investment. I was considering saving up to doing it since my knee is destroyed and im too sick for a replacement but then she upped my cyclosporine and its $130.00 a month for it! She personally knew of 2 Dr's that did it and its beneficial to call around and price compare

Where are you located? Is it hard to find a place that does it?

Im in south florida. Her 2 referrals are in Bocas raton and Miami

I’m in Boca very sick w/ lousy rheumatologist. Who are these md s if I might ask?

I have had it done 3 times for tennis elbow. A miracle!! Haven’t heard about for lupus but if u have the info about a podcast, please publish.

And the doc who did mine is a physiatrist.

dawncelest said:

Im in south florida. Her 2 referrals are in Bocas raton and Miami

Hi I live in Deerfield Beach FL and am looking for a new dr as well. Please let us know who these doctors are. My knees and elbows are extremely painful. Thanks

My rheumatologist is dr Christine Savage at UM Sylvester Deerfield Beach. She awesome! Be prepared to wait a couple of months to get an appointment though

My doc is not from that area although he comes down to teach. I know he can reccommend someone in Sarasota area

Dr. Victor Ibrahim, wash., DC. Go to