Life With Lupus

Protein Found in Lupus may lead to cure!


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'Research Uncovers How Key Controller Protein Is Activated' in Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, viral infections, etc.


Hi Sheila

You always find the best articles.


Great News!
Let us hope the drug is made ASAP.



It sounds good to me!!!


Sheila W.,

Thank you for sharing this information. I print out things like this and keep them in my lupus research file.

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Thank you for the research. Complicated chemistry and biology. Yikes. Seems like they're looking for a way to regulate B cells. Hope the new drug is not advertised as a cure-all like Benlysta was. Hopefully it will be a more substantial drug.

Bazillionairs will be the only ones who have access. Heard a drug rep speak on biologics and he said they are tailored. and can be effective. But very, very pricey.



Thanks so much for sharing this. This is amazing to say the least, and gives us hope.