Prednisone and depression

I am on 60 mgs of Prednisone (2 weeks) and although I haven't had the weight gain I expected, (a few pounds but not excessive) I am incredibly depressed. I know this is a side effect of the drug but could it also be a symptom of the disease itself? Before the meds I felt as if I could fight this disease, and now I don't even care to follow up with the doctors, labs, etc. I don't think I am "snappy" at my loved ones as I just don't care enough to be angry. Has anyone else had this reaction and if so what did you do to counteract the effects?



The predinose will catch up with you. Both the prednisone and lupus can cause depression. I have the depression from lupus. When I first started on prednisone, I was moving mountains, literally.

Not caring about all you have on your plate can be part of the depression. I've certainly been there.

Stay strong!

Bless you

I agree that the depression can be caused by the lupus as well as the prednisone. I take prednisone with anti-depressants because I’ve too often felt like you do. I’m feeling better now that I’m on anti-depressants. But, I know no one wants to be on another medication. It’s a difficult decision. Plus, I think we can tend to feel down around the holidays.

I wish you all the support you need to get through this.

I’m just depressed-PERIOD. With all the health issues I have and the challenges everyday of dealing with people at work, in the world and taking care of family business for me and my children to survive daily. I’m on 40 mg of prednisone and 3 anti-depressants and doing ok. My depression stems from other personal related matters such as finances at a ZERO. That’s all the time. I’m single and the holidays around this time of the year makes it more sad for me to cope with these feelings that I feel on the inside of me. Get well soon and I pray that it will all work itself out for you. Karen Neal

I agree with everyone else. I think depression goes hand in hand with both the disease and the meds. I understand how you feel!! The financial aspect can really get you down!! I was recently in the hospital for what was supposed to be an out patient procedure but I had a seizure on the table and they made me stay and ran a bunch of tests and the whole time I was freaking out because all I could think was I am going to have to pay for this and how?!?! I do think it is important to discuss these feelings with your doc and take something for it if necessary because no matter what happens we need to stay strong for our kids. I know it’s hard to admit that sometimes we need help but don’t try to fight these feelings on your own. It does NOT make you weak!! It actually takes more courage to seek out the help you need. I wish you luck!! Feel better soon!! Try to enjoy your holiday :slight_smile:

I’m prayin for all of you! Stay strong and peace be with all of you!

I have discovered depression during the holidays seems to. surface with me every yr. Ive been on prednisone for15 yrs. Many different strengths for various flares or exasperations. I think we ask more of ourselves during the holiday months. With finances being such as they are,everyones emotional. I too am more depressed. What usually helps me is tovdo 1 thing a day for someone else. Im a mother of 5. So by design we tend to think of others more than ourselves. Make it ab something out of the ordinary. I guarantee,it puts you in better spirits and your family will notice it. It makes me want to treat myself better. Go outside,look at a rose up close smell it. Lay on the grass watch clouds go by. Examine your hands. Think of all theyve done. The babies thyve held the dinnerscuvburned. Pens writingvgrocery lists orcsigning kids report card. Every day matters. We matter. To others and to ourselves. Celebrate You. Love yourself as u love others. Kiss your hands…and carry on.

Sorry ab some of the type Os. I think I made my point. Today Im bringing books to the old folks home. I just found out Im advised To use a csne. What better place to go,observe and draw strength wathing the eldetly grateful still having ANY mobility. I bet I’ll heat someones wild holiday story. I still have twins age 11 and 3 older kids over 24. But if a canes my new familyvmember so be it. Better than a broken hip. My chronic steroid use gave me such bad sciatica and disc degenerative disease I need a cane. One friend of mine who jappens to be the girlfriend of a man with cystic fybrosis said “make it fun looking for the perfect cane”. Like the character who is on the TV show HOUSE. His has a skull head. LOL. Im thinking “owl head”. Anyway to all us Loopys… Enjoy life. Mugs

I just want to say "Thank you" to all of the uplifting and encouraging words. I hate to think that so many others are going through the same thing that I am going through. I do take Cymbalta 30mg which is supposed to help with the depression. This is a new situation for me...last year (when money was tighter) was less stressful than this year. Sometimes I just don't know how people make it through this time of year with this disease and the fatigue and everything else that goes with this crap. Thanks for all of you! And the happiest of holidays.

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope today is a better day for you.

Merry Christmas to all. My father-in-law sent me a book...just in time and this was in it

"No pessimists ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit" - Helen Keller

I am trying to be positive and coming here to this site helps me immensely. So, thank you to everyone and I more than a simple "thank you" for those that keep me grounded.

Love & Hugs to all,


Very well put!! Happy holidays to you all!!! Try to stay positive and enjoy…easier said than done I know :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone for always listening!!!

Really I work every day towards having positive thoughts and counting my blessings! Yes, if I don't keep my thoughts in "captivity" I could quickly go under. Life is too short so we must be pro active in keeping our minds and emotions healthy. Reaching out and encouraging others is a great tool to fight depression. Keep looking up!



I meant to add that I was on prednisone and my main problem was that I was unable to sleep and finally had to come off of it...not for me for sure!

Faye said:

Really I work every day towards having positive thoughts and counting my blessings! Yes, if I don't keep my thoughts in "captivity" I could quickly go under. Life is too short so we must be pro active in keeping our minds and emotions healthy. Reaching out and encouraging others is a great tool to fight depression. Keep looking up!



Happy day after Christmas to everyone! This post especially caught my eye! I take prednisone also and have been taking anti-depressants for over a year. This past week I felt like they weren't helping so called my primary doc to see if I could stop taking them. She said to take only 1/day instead of 2 for 2 weeks, then stop. Well, I have noticed a slight difference and thinking that maybe I do need to be taking them after all. It seems like all of us take them and the fact that it didn't seem like it was helping when it actually is tells me not to stop. I find I've been a little more irritable and quick to let stupid things bother me. Guess I thought I could be strong enough to fight this horrible Lupus without the anti-depressants......................


I have been on and off Prednisone for over twenty years and often my reaction to it is different each time. It usually exacerbates whatever is already going on. Chronic pain can cause depression and prednisone can exacerbate it to a noticeable level. I know with myself having a routine and sticking to it helps. Getting fresh air everyday even if its only a walk to the mailbox. Eating small meals at regular intervals. ( I noticed I just stop eating) a bowl of tomato soup and some toast nothing big or fancy.If it continues to get worse talk to your doctor there are other medications you can be on. Good Luck. Julie

I have been on Prednisone 75mg down to 10mg back to 50mg now 37.5mg since March 2012. VERY concerned about having to use this drug.

Great insights in the posts above; - thank you very much everyone for taking the time & effort to share. Am feeling a bit less concerned now. Much of this has been previously explained - somehow I was unable to take it on board, in a meaningful manner.

Getting there now I think. Wish me luck for 2nd attempt at taper. Best Wishes to all of you. Kaz xo

It depresses me not being able to go out and face the sun/light. I solved it. I have become nocturnal and go out, look at the stars, breathe the fresh air, go shopping to the 24 hr. stores, and it takes my blues away.

I live in Florida but probably'll work on going to the beach at night. You'll be surprised, many beaches close at dusk to avoid drug related problems. Public pools (we have indoors, too) stopped being a posibility. I never saw anyone EVER going out to the restrooms for hours, and my friend got a rash--too much pee in the water. When I inquired with the attendant, she mentioned that others had complained also. I am quite content on filling my tub once in a while, put some salts and enjoy.