Prayers needed

MICHELE MCNEILL is facing a difficult surgery on November 14. Please remember her in your prayers and offer your support. She is struggling and would appreciate to know she's not alone.

Sending Prayers her way

Father God, I pray that Michele responds well to the surgery and makes a complete and speedy recovery. I also pray Lord that she have perfect faith in You and that any anxiety she has disappears when she remembers that the Creator of the Universe who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniniscent love’s her and His will is that she be well. Thinking of you Michele. Big hugs!xx

Michele McNeil:

You are not alone you have many people praying for you and I hope this brings you a little comfort.

Have a speedy recovery.

Alway here for you.


Our prayers and thoughts are with you Michelle. You will make it thru successfully. God bless!


Michele you and everyone here are always in my thoughts and prayers!! Thinking of you. Best of luck!!

Michele, you have my prayers and support!

Michele, you are definite not alone in this. You have everyone here praying for you and like the lovely picture Ann posted, our Heavenly Father is always with you, right by your side. Please have someone post for you after the surgery to let us know that all is well.

Michele you are not alone! Praying for a smooth surgery and a quick recovery. Much love <3

Prayers for comfort and healing are with you!

Much love,


michele, i like all of us lupus members send you my warmest wishs for a speedy recovery, and youll be in my prayers today and the days ahead much love VEGAS GIRL.

My prayers are with you. Hugs, Mary Beth

Prayers and healing thoughts for Michelle.

You are in my prayers ... (((hugs)))

Michelle will be in my prayers.


Although we have never met you will be in my thoughts and prayers . I will ask others to pray for you also.

Photo: A Heartfelt thanks to all of you who take time out of your busy day to pray for others on this Page. ♥

Praying for her through this time! :)

I am sorry but not to late-Michelle you are prayed for! I bring this to the Lord asking for wisdom for your doctors and nurses and the greatest attention to detail following God direction at hand. God with envelope you with his love and faithfulness to you as you go through this surgery and healing. God does love you and he will hear your cry's and whispers to him - we love you Michelle let us know how you are doing ok, Lupus hater

Sending Healing, Caring & Happy thoughts & Prayers your way Michele! Wishing you a speedy recovery as well. Think Happy thoughts & Hang In There!

From New Support friend - Tawnie