Praising God!

I have had bad breathing issues for 3 weeks. Pulmonary doctor was very concerned and sent me back to rheumotologist...

rheumotologist did Slice CT of my chest (a high res CT to look at lungs)

and what they expected they did not find! NO PULMONARY FIBROSIS HERE!!!!

such a RELIEF

apparently -

my GERD- caused a flare in asthmatic like symptoms - and because I am on a betablocker the asthma medication wasn't working as well because betablockers weaken asthma meds


Praise JAH. I am happy for your good news. I hope my tests end up as good. My rhemy wants me to see a pulmonary doctor. Not excited. CT scans show tissue issues. Breathing is hard. She has me up to 40mg of prednisone a day when I was down to 10. I pray Jehovah helps me to find a good doctor to figure out the issue and a good lawyer to get my disability. I will count your good news as my happy thought for the night.

With love,

This is wonderful news!

God is good.

thanks everyone

Good news is right! Keep on keeping on!


Great news!God is good!

Yay! So glad you got some happy news!

Wonderful news....prayers continue for all!


God is awesome!

Ann, I hope and pray you get to feeling better very, very soon!

God is good!