Life With Lupus

Post Something Positive Here Each Day


I graduated with my Masters today!!


Congratulations! What is it in?

Ashleigh said:

I graduated with my Masters today!!


Thank you :slight_smile: Literature.


Congratulations Ashleigh!! Hope you celebrate!!


A positive? I never have to buy blush again :slight_smile:


Great love this page.

Today, mowed part of the grass!!!! Made some mushroom noodle soup, so yummy,3 days supply. Recipe at the bottom,and took the Collies for a gentle wlk out by the sea.

Mushroom noodle soup

dice plenty of mushrooms up, fry gently for 4 mins approx. in some olive oil. Add stock/ seasoning and some dried chillis, bring to boil, then reduce heat and cook really slowly for an hour, add noodles for 5 mins, and enjoy, even better on day 2 /3

have lots of positive thoughts and experiences, love P


Today's positive... I had three green (good) days in a row, including hubby's birthday!!


That is wonderful.


Love and hugs to you all, we are all good friends to one another, Louisa


My 2 yr old daughter and I cuddled and watched The Little Mermaid this morning. It was precious :-)


Some old college friends are coming to the area for a convention and we are going to get together. It has been 39 years since I have seen them.


I've been trying to walk for a half an hour with my kids, and I can just barely do it. I was getting down on myself for not being able to walk longer, when I realized that last year at this time, I could not even make it around the block! Progress is slow, but I am improving. That's so important to remember!


I worked on my painting alot