Post Benlysta Number One- Day 2

Well… Immediately after Benlysta infusion went in, I will say something changed. Immediately I felt my mind clear. Like a fog lifted. My mind which had become so damned clogged and foggy suddenly had energy and the right “stuff” to work.

Day One wasn’t too bad. I was so tired. I had a headache. Zofran and rest. Rinse and repeat. With Advil and lots of it. I did work remote which was awesome. Took my mind off things. At one point I felt my energy surge and I tried doing laundry. Immediate surge of nausea. No bueno. Back to bed.

Day Two- Much more nausea. Much much more. So much zofran. Crackers. BRAT diet. I love the BRAT diet. Lock up the dogs, settle in with my remote work laptop, and get ready for the long haul. It comes and goes.

Another strange effect- my jaw is killing me. It reminds me of when I first went on SSRIs and I had an excess of serotonin. Remember that?

I canx’ed my doctors appt today and pushed everything off to tomorrow. I cannot foresee driving myself anywhere and no one could support me today. It’s ok. Moving car plus me does not sound like a great idea anyway…

I will continue this thread as my experience continues.

Mel I am so glad you are posting this I found out yesterday that I was approved and will be starting it soon. It really helps to read other peoples experiences. I no we are all different and it can be different for all of us.