Portal hypertension

Just got my results from my CT Scan. Says I might have portal hypertension. Does anyone know anything about this diagnosis.? I have another liver biopsy scheduled next week to see about cirrhosis of the liver. Worried.

Hi Rachel, I

I'm so sorry for your diagnosis. I get discouraged because almost every Dr. visit seems to bring yet another name of another condition. Here's a page about portal hypertension and liver involvement. It even has picture. I just went to Google and typed "Portal Hypertension". There are many other articles about it if you do that search too. Click on this link:


I understand your worry about cirrhosis of the liver, but stress of worry can make you sicker. Try to tell yourself that if it's there, you'll deal with it however you can. Worry just robs your strength and joy and it and doesn't help you in any way. Try to educate yourself so you won't have so much fear of the unknown. There seems to be medications that help portal hypertension. I know it's scary and frustrating every time we get told we have something new.

Best wishes.


Thank you Shelia. I know it seems everytime we go to our appointments, something new comes up.