Life With Lupus

Pollen facial flare


New to this site.
This is my 22nd year of being diagnosed with SLE but I’m sure I had other symptoms before then.
I found in the last 2 years that pollen allergies came on really bad starting mid February early March. This year brought on a facial flare. I got red type welts on either side of my nose and my my cheeks were really hot. I also got itchy. I was very tired. I am now in an 24hour allergy pill, nasal spray and Netty potting. Plus sometime drops for my eyes.
I wasn’t taking and meds for about 15years. I’m now on Plaquenil and an estrogen patch.
Ever since I started menapause…
I’ve lost hair and got allergies.
Anyone else gone through something like this?


I’m really surprised your taking hormone replacement,my Doctor took my estrogen away from me and said it’s very bad for people with lupus.it makes symptoms worse.


Oh interesting?? I’ve been on for a bit. My night sweats and hot flashes were out of control. Way better since I’ve been on it. I will research more in this though. I haven’t had issues till late with allergies.