Please help me to find the exit or with my usual smile "so long and thanks for all the fish."

I know that there is a link to click on that allows a member to leave Life with Lupus. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find it. And in a nutshell that is how my brain has been functioning since my entire unfortunate experience with Cymbalta and the resulting fall that led to my truamatic brain injury. All cognitive processing moves at a slower speed and are more prone to error. Communication is a struggle and irritation flares often.

It has become obvious, even through these issues, that in my current condition I have little to offer to discussions on this forum and that I gain little from them. I am an old woman who has lived with lupus for a very long time. I now live across the street from that great swimming pool that I have talked about so often and that is where I need to be spending more time.

I have enjoyed being a participant in this forum for the last four years, now it is time for me to go. Could someone please be kind enough to tell me how to find the exit?

I'm sorry to see anybody leave the group.

You can always enjoy that swimming pool and come back here when you have the time & energy??

In any case, I wish you well.

To leave the group. Just click on "settings" in the little box to the right of the page, under your name. Then scroll all the way to the bottom on the page. You'll find the leave the group link there. (((HUGS)))