I can not stand the sudden sweating. My hair is plastered to my head from perspiration. I went through menopause three or four years ago. I have been on the full dose plaquenil for about 16 weeks and definitely have noticed improved energy, decreased brain fog and normalized c-reactive, sed rate and ANA. I still get winded and am bothered by the sweating big time. I am scheduled for a methocholene challenge test on Thursday to rule or confirm asthma. If I am negative for asthma then the pulmonologist will try to figure out the cause of the winded problems. I am still dealing with sweating though. Is it possible for the plaquenil to still improve the winded sensation and the sweating given more time?

I have just started on Plaquenil about 3 weeks ago. I know my doctor said it can take up to 6 weeks to even work. I haven't had any relief from it yet. Is the Plaquenil causing the sweating or you're hoping it will relieve the sweating?

I was sweating before taking plaquenil. I am hoping it relieves the sweating

Oh, thank you for clarifying. I was diagnosed not that long ago & I don't have issues with sweating. I just have so many other problems.

Roxy said:

I was sweating before taking plaquenil. I am hoping it relieves the sweating

The air is on and my ceiling fan is on high. My husband is freezing and sitting with a blanket on him while I am literally dripping wet. UGH

I have ACLE, not systemic, but my scalp and neck get extremely sweaty at night. I notice it ONLY after I've fallen into a deep sleep for some reason. I can lay awake until 3 AM and be fine, but as soon as I wake from a deep sleep my pillow will be soaked. I've been on generic Plaquenil for a couple months now and the night sweats have decreased a lot. I think I'm starting to notice some improvement in the malar rash also, but nothing drastic yet. I've read that it can take up to 6 months to really notice a difference. So far so good.