Plaquenil awareness- Talk to you EYE Doctor

Plaquenil should be dosed according to ones IDEAL weight height; which is 6.5mg/ideal kg/ day

read this article ; and do your bodies a favor and be an advocate :)

my ideal weight is 125 - i was on 400mg daily

i should be on more like 300 max.

Yep, going next Monday for the screening. :0)

Those are guidelines I personally trust the expert rheumatologist and hematologist to prescribe the dosage that best controls my illness The ophthalmologist is NOT the one who precribes this. My ideal weight is less than yours- I am on 400 daily for many years- an attempt to lower the dose caused a life threatening flare.

I agree, my Rheumy is the one who prescribed the Plaquernil. Just going to the eye doctor for the screening that the Rheumy suggested I start getting.