Life With Lupus

Pinpoint purple bruises


I’ve been praying they won’t up my pain meds… It’s not about that I shouldn’t even be working at this time. I am the only teacher for infants and toddlers. My feet and calves are so hot at night. I cry every day for the Lord to heal me how did I go from so well to so sick. So sudden. The colds always been too much for me then I got put back on my lupus meds what I wanted and it’s getting worse. They tell me my kidney function is better though. Where’s God in this I am ashamed of myself. I am sad for husband. I feel guilty for taking so many pain meds. I fell I be two times. From not being able to walk. I’m scared I feel like gods forsaken me… Please beg God to heal me.


Janelle. Sorry I’m so late in trying to give you some hope. First of all, your family will or will not understand your condition. You will need to try and explain to them how you feel and how some days can be better than others.
If your job is becoming to hard for you to do, you should try to see if a career move is the best thing to do. I know all of this could take some time to do, but you must put your health above everything else or your burden will keep being heavy. Lighten up your load.
As far as what you say about God, I just read in a post here that if you pray to Him to help you, but then go right back to worrying or not believing in his power, that you’re taking back your petition. We must truly believe.
This is a hard road to follow, but God doesn’t give us anything more than we can handle.
Blessings to you.


The kratom is causi me adverse effects again…


Sorry, I don’t know what that is. Sorry to hear that.


It’s ok it’s a supplement natural for pain that works great but sometimes it doesn’t always work