Pericarditis... again

I feel just like I did when I was first getting pericarditis. Hopefully since I started taking the anti-inflammatories at the first sign, it won't be as bad as it was a few months ago. I wonder if it ever went away 100% since I had it in January and through the end of February, symptom free during March, and now I'm becoming symptomatic again. Darn stress!

is this feeling like pluericy?

feels like your being stabbed with a knife to thechest everytime your breathe in?

if so....i know this. and too antiinflammatory takes so darn long to work!

I have to take ibuprofens with percocet... i can barely move... or talk when its severe. E.R for sure.

I hope u feel better soon.

I know ur right!!!-- that darn stress goes right to my chest.

Hate it!

#feelbettersoon and sleep :)if you can

It's not like pleurisy, definitely not as painful. My rheum ruled that out last time. This is like a cinder block is on your chest or someone is squeezing your heart. It's very tight. And because pericarditis is the inflammation of the sac your heart is in, the swollen "sac" pushes against your lung so it's like I can't catch my breath or take a deep breath. It's more discomfort and restlessness than anything, at least from my experience. But it does take about a week for the anti-inflammatory to really kick in like you said. I slept for a few hours, but then I had to go to the bathroom and then my brother texted me that he had to take his friend to the ER for stitches and then the pain/discomfort kicked in and I just tossed and turned.