Part time job

Well I have been working part time 28 hours a week since Sept 22 minus the week I was in the hospital because of my mental issues. Gotta say I am proud of myself because I pushed through my fears and I didn't give up. My second and third day of working 6 hours made the pain in my back, legs and feet 10 times worse. I was hurting so bad when I got home all I could do was lay in the bed and cry. But things have gotten better and I can manage the pain, Thank God. I haven't worked in 12 years so it has been a challenge and I keep pushing through my barriers

This is great ! What do you do ? This gives me hope that maybe I too will be able to do it . :slight_smile:

I'm not sure about your financial situation, but are you sure you want to push your body this perhaps it will get better and I'm really hoping it does for you, but going home to bed crying doesn't sound like the perfect solution to the end of a work day. Please take care of yourself and be honest about your limitations to your body with this condition. Lupus seems like such an unpredictable condition from time to time...warm, but gentle hugs.

well big kudos to you sweetie , for being able to work, you so like you are really trying hard, i know how i8t is to cry from the pain sweetie, i think you are doing great, an god bless you dear...purrs..catspaw1955

Well Im working at Burger King and I think the crying days are over as I get a little more adjusted everyday. We just need to more income coming in to help support our growing family. I have 2 biological children but also house 3 teenagers in my home as well.