Pain management

My doctor is referring me to a pain management clinic. Says they will be able to help me more with the pain I have. Never been to one before, not sure what to expect. Can anyone give me an idea as to what will go on?

Hi Tarra,

As I am sure not all pain docs are the same, I can tell you a bit about what I know. They will do a thorough history of previous pain management treatments. Hopefully they will be empathetic an listen intently. Some will offer meds like Neurontin and Lyrica for Neuralgia. Some offer steroid injections…trigger points…etc. I know some people that take opiates and this is the only pain relief they get. Many docs are reluctant to start opiates but for some, it works very well. I am sure you know there is a high rate of addiction with these meds. Don’t be afraid to tell them how you feel. Your pain is real. Wishing you the best.

One thing to always remember, the doctors work for you, in the long run you are the employer so you are the boss. Don't let any doctor intimidate you.