Pain in and under feet. feels like pins and swollen veins in breast

Anybody having pain in feet. Feels like pins. Hurts to walk. Also, having pain in breast with swollen veins.

I have neuropathy pain in both feet that sounds a lot like what you are feeling. I haven’t found a way to relieve the discomfort yet, but fortunately it is only bad in the mornings. Sorry I can not be more help, but you are not alone!

Look up plantar fasciitis- especially if symptoms when you first get up. A change of shoes and some simple exercises will help tremendously

I was placed on lyrica for the same pain... still get the pain but not as often... heel pain is the worst in neuropathy but this has helped ... their is also a pill called gabapentin (Neruontin) but I didn't care for it

Yes, I have pain in my feet, and my plantar fasciitis was so severe, it involved surgery when I had my foot surgery.

I get the pain in my breast as well. The lupus caused premature menopause in me so it’s definitely not linked to my cycle. Oddly enough, I was just having it yesterday and found that drinking alot of water helped. I had gotten dehydrated from being so nauseated from the cellcepy so my kidneys were hurting. I have also had the foot and heel pain. Mine lasted all day. My doc told me it was inflammation and recommended changing shoes mid day. That, ice, and ibuprofen helped it. I still change shoes mid day though. I use it as a justification for my shoe collection…lol ; )

I have pain in my feet & ankles, especially if I walk too much. Sounds like you might have Neuropathy. neurontin & Lyrica may help. Plantar fasciitis is also a possibility. It’s best to speak to your rheumatologist & get the correct diagnosis.

I also have terrible foot pain, of course it could have something to do with I've had six foot breaks, due to being over-medicate with Prednisone.... But no kidding, it's really bad sometimes. I soak my feet in some warm Epsom salts, and elevate my legs after that, and find some relief.

Feel better.

Hi!!! You are having a BODY FLARE !!!! Get in the bed and do nothing but REST , trust me you will no be safe if you don't , this happenes alot to me , and the only thing that works is doing nothing!!! Lupus is so funny and when it takes over , it does just what it want to do - TAKE OVER!!! so that you are going through this and hope that soon you will recover , remember -" Get some rest while this is going on !!! ".....Beverly L.