Oh dear, not again. chest pain

anyone else here get serious chest pain, heart attack type symptoms, with no heart disease?

went through this last fall. found out it was a medication, after doing a heart cath.

wasn't stressing, been resting, and it actually awoke me from my sleep about an hour ago. lasted 20 minutes, still achy. nausea, pain right jaw and arm and in back below right shoulder blade. left side of chest feels like its scorched inside.

if you have this , has anything helped? cardio says I have a good strong heart, although have and irregular beat every 60 seconds, and inverted t wave on EKG.

STUMPED. and when it hits I double over in tears.

see what I get for rejoicing at less hair loss? sheesh.

thanks for reading, and hugs all around

My husband had an extra electrical circuit in his heart. After he had a mild heart attack, 5 Drs told him he was fine. He went to see a specialist in this area and they found the problem. He had surgery, ablation, of this extra electrical circuit in his heart. We pushed him to explore further. You may want to ask about this. Good luck. Hugs and sending prayers!

Time for another visit to the ER.
Better to be safe than sorry!
I will be praying!!!

You need to get to a cardiac specialist. I was always told that I was fine & last year I ended up having heart surgery & a pacemaker put in. Please, I urge you to get to a cardiac specialist. Good luck!!! Prayers & thoughts are with you!!!

Please follow up on this! I'm having pain in my lungs and chest pains, too. My EKGs and heart scans are all normal, but my breathing is hard and I'm having to use my inhaler more and more these days and it feels like my lungs are hurting.....don't know what to do.

Is this part of SLE or something else...I don't know.

Prayers for comfort and healing are with you!


Please go to the ER. You just never can be too sure. Even if they turn you away saying your fine it is better than not getting it checked out.

Saying a prayer for you.

Take care,

I echo what others have said. It may be that other times it hasn't been a heart attack but this time it is..get yourself to the dr or ef whenever you have those kinds of symptoms!

I ger severe chest pains from my darn gaul bladder. I am trying to get to the surgeon to finally have it removed. It has been a on going issue for a long time. All EKGs have been wonderful. In fact, my heart is probably the healthiest part of me. I did however take a medicine that caused my heart rate and blood preasure to fo up tremendously. I was taken off the medicine but it still took about six months before I got back.to normal.

I sleep with my ac cranked to freezing all the time. It really helps me sleep better. Also, I don’t know if you wake up worrying about things but I have had this issue for a very long time. I still have issues but.have taken measures to reduce the frequency. I don’t.watch anything stressful or drama oriented before I go to sleep. I don’t sleep with the tv on. I do take medicine to help me sleep. It’s hard to fall asleep no matter how tired I am. I wake up often, to tinkle ugh. I go to the restroom and keep the light off to keep from becoming too awake. Just extra steps to help myself. We all have our rituals I guess.

Back to your heart, if it is bothering you that much, by all means, get to the ER. Slow, deep breathing can help it to slow down. Try elevating your feet. If you have issues with cholesterol or triglycerides or drink anything with caffeine, it could very well be causing issues too. It’s better to be safe and get checked, then ignore it and something serious happen. Like I said, my heart is great. It does race sometimes but it isn’t my.main concern. I recently had my triglycerides up to 814. This is horrible. It’s fat in your blood stream. You can take omega 3 fish oil to help reduce this but mine was so bad because my gaul bladder and pancreas not working.right, I had to go on Lovaza. If you turn to fish oil, it has wonderful heart healthy benefits. I do recommend freezing the whole bottle and take out.dose as needed. This greatly reduces burping of the fish flavor. To be honest, I don’t have that issue anymore since doing that. I really hope you get help dear. The stress of not knowing only makes things worse. One more thing, women don’t always have typical heart attack symptoms. Good luck and God bless.

I just had a Cardiac work up for chest pain, pressure radiating to L arm . My echo was ok but PET scan showed Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension & mild Tricuspid insufficency. I've noticed pulses in 100's for sometime & high B/P;s that I take meds for.
I've had chest pain on/off for a number of yrs. Costochondritis can cause chest pain.