Odd question, need dietary help if you would share?

Stress has been up, life happens. It's coming out mostly symptom wise as nerve pain, tremors, and hard muscle spasms of chest, arms, hands, legs, and feet. I am becoming afraid to drive as I never know when this or my myoclonus type movement stuff will hit. In the past have tested very low on vitamin D (13), but not sure about anything else right now.

does anyone have a good resource for the nutritional content of fruits, veggies, and protein sources?

and if I need to consult someone to help guide me , what would the position be? I'm thinking dietician, but I def need someone who knows how to not increase inflammation plus deal with multiple autoimmune issues. There are allergies too.

I feel a little lost how to come up with an eating plan that works for me. I have to eat a number of snack size meals, I have a very slow digestive system.

Any help you can share would be really appreciated. I don't seem to get good results from supplements. Thanks so much!

This site provides a ton of information on foods, you just have to type the food into the search bar in the upper right corner. Plus, it lists the inflammation factor for the food you're looking at! http://nutritiondata.self.com/

Dr. Weil has an entire website and set of books devoted to the anti-inflammatory diet. I like to use the food pyramid for that diet to help guide me with food choices. Anti-inflammatory food pyramid: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/PAG00361/anti-inflammatory-food-pyramid.html

A dietician or nutritionist would definitely be a starting point. I would see if they're familiar with autoimmune issues though before going to them.

Hope some of this is helpful for you!

I would look for someone with the title Nutritionist, and the same thought… find out if they have a proper understanding of autoimmune diseases. Ask the question outright, “How do you recommend dealing with an autoimmune disease?” . Sometimes we run into people that think boosting your immune function is the correct approach. Find out if they know WHAT Lupus does.does, and what not to do.

Slow digestion has never been an issue for me… quite the opposite, I’m sorry to say. I can however tell you that tablet supplements are notoriously difficult to glean benefits from. For a lot of us, they simply do not break down well. I look for chewable, gummy, capsule, or softgel for anything I take that comes in those forms. I’ve found them much more effective. A lot more is available in those forms today than even a few years ago.

I studied holistic nutrition when I was diagnosed - I am allergic to wheat & corn, and had a very high mercury level... alot of inflammation, pain, etc. It might help you to do some "juicing" raw fruits & veggies... sounds like you need to heal your gut too... I would love to try to help you.


Hello! I have been managing my symptoms through Plaquenil, but also through diet. I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" which is about a guy with medical issues who decided to address his medical condition with juicing. I think his 60 day juicing fast was a tad extreme, but if you look at his website (same name as the film) he has a list of foods to eat, as well as to avoid, for a host of medical dx including autoimmune. Between that & a fabulous dietician who specializes in medical based nutrition locally, I feel a lot better since I stopped eating foods with tons of chemicals. I certainly do not think it is a "cure" and I still take my meds daily, but it has absolutely lessened some of the symptoms & I feel much better. Hope that helps & good luck! Melissa

oh and Dr. Joel Furhman has a great booklet where he gives a nutrtional score ("ANDI" scale) to every food on a scale of 1-1000. Coca cola is a 1. Kale is 1000. The top 7-8 foods are all leafy greens.

For protein, if my meal doesn't have enough to keep my blood sugar steady, I have a protein shake made from plant (non dairy) sources, such as sun warrior or plant fusion.

Carla, Ann A., Maddiemel, Sherryeye, Mirandaslair, Tala and Ballerina! You are so helpful and I am grateful. APPLAUSE!

I do feel what you eat and expose yourself to in your environment makes a difference. I'm on a steep learning curve, and you have all pointed me into resources. More when I can type better. edits tiring. huge hugs, and thanks!

Hi, have you tried ensure ?? I tried ensure at the beginning and it really helped me . Try it for a month and see if it help the situation any !!..Beverly L.

Blessings go out to you…

Beverly, thank you. Good suggestion. Blessings to you as well.

Beverly L. said:

Hi, have you tried ensure ?? I tried ensure at the beginning and it really helped me . Try it for a month and see if it help the situation any !!...Beverly L.

Blessings go out to you....


Spent all day playing phone tag with our insurance omapny, and reading through the resources you all so generously share. I need to rob a bank so I can go out of state as there is no one here who I can find for this (not even a functional medicine doctor) that my insurance will cover. They don't even have a plain old dietician in network. Pay out of pocket? Not happening, I have no pockets.

If we didn't have family ties here, I would move in a heart beat to somewhere else, that has wisdom. I was born about a thousand years too late. No air or water pollution, no lab chemicals, nor things I am unable to pronounce as food additives to make you sick back then.

sorry. had to get that off my chest, maybe now I'll be able to breathe better, literally.

rant over.