Numbness in foot

Anyone have sudden onset of numbness in foot? Not tingling but numbness.

Yes! So many times I think I have socks on then realize i don’t. One of the many strange symptoms of this disease.

I have both of them trying to take gabapantant now not working yet.

Yes. Peripheral neuropathy. On gabapentin, worked for a while, but then my body seemed to stop responding to it. Recently tapered off of gabapentin and switched to lyrica. Not sure about Lyrica yet. Too soon to tell.

I have Lupus and kidney disease and my left foot is always numb. But I'm also a diabetic which causes numbness and tingling. I guess I need to see a neurologist or foot doctor and let them do a test. I believe it is the nerves in my foot from diabetes. I'm unsure if I let it go without treatment what will happen. I hope you heal soon or have a doctor look at your feet. It can be painful.

I have had quite often what I think you refer to in numbness in feet. My feet don't go completely numb, but they do have the feeling of numbness. It can last quite a while. It only happens, however, when I have shoes on. I wonder if there is a correlation there. Do you have the same thing going on?

Thomas Franklin

Tennis shoes have made it worse in the past because of the constriction. Yes…whole foot doesn’t entirely go numb. Just partial.

I don’t have diabetes but I do show a lot of similar traits. My right foot, my big toe and the one next to it are always numb from the joint at my foot to the tips of my toes