Not sure what to do

So this semester is starting to wind down and I need to start thinking about what I want to do next semester. I took this last semester off to try and get a handle on this disease. And I am still flaring. I really want to go back to school as I love the interaction of the class room and I am one who learns better when its in front of me and have interaction. I just dont think I am physically ready to go back. I am in a wheel chair for long distances and I don't think I can physically handle pushing myself around campus. My adviser is telling me she'd like me to come to campus as its good mentally and physically to be around people. So do I try it and end up in the hospital again, or do I just go online. I am so torn. Last night they had a Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment place and I was so tired my mom had to get my food and even cut my meat for me and push me back to my room. And then if I am having a bad day I end up missing class anyways.... I just dont know what to do and I only have a few weeks to decide....

Do they have an option for you to VTC to the classroom?

I’m sorry to hear you’re still flaring. It sounds honestly, like you already know it would be too much to study on campus. If you took the courses online, one the days you feel ok maybe you could go to the campus library and do it online there. That way you could still feel like you’re part of the campus.

Have you looked into a scooter to get around? There is help for those but right now I can't think how to go about that. I will be praying for you to find the right answer. Gentle hugs!

Try to listen to your body and honor what it tells you. Sometimes I forget to do that and listen to one person (instead of my body!) and I get off track. It sounds like you may need to take it easy this semester. The stress of worry makes your flares worse and last longer. It's always good to get advice from your "lupan" friends. Whatever you decide, it will be OK......and if your decision doesn't work out for you, that is OK too. All the best to you Louters, rest as much as you can! We are entering such a busy time. LupanCatwoman

Maybe take one class on campus so you get the interaction but make it an elective or take it pass/fail so it won’t affect your gpa? I had to take semesters off due to this disease so I understand your battle. What meds have your doctors tried? I ended up on cytoxan in order to get through school. I now use Rituxan but it threw me into a bad flare so I’m back on prednisone again. I’m not able to work anymore but I’m still proud that I got my degree even if it took a decade to do it : )

I'm glad reet recommended a power scooter, I was thinking about that when I read your post. I am planning on taking a class or classes in January. Now I'm having to rethink it, I just started a job and that's all I can do. I'm giving myself some time to think about it, this was just my first week and I need to give myself time to adjust to the new demands. I am tired, my husband says I look so tired when I come home and he feels bad for me.

Thanks for the suggestions and all the help! I would love to get a scooter, but I dont have the financial means at this time, but the place I go to that helps people with disabilities go to school and later help place them with a job might pay a % of the cost, which would help. I just dont know how to get through to my adviser that I can not physically handle it. From the moving this past week has had me laid up in bed and i have been sleeping way more than normal. I know if I go back its going to be to much for my body and I could easily end up sicker. On top of that they are still trying to figure out what to do for meds. They were going to completely take me off the prednisone but with my last visit they decided to keep me at the 10mg for 6wks and then decided what to do. My kidney doc is thinking some of my symptoms are blood pressure related so he has me on bp meds. My blood pressure is normal and I still feel horrible! He still has it in his head its not lupus, but every other doctor says yes?!?!?! He admits its some auto immune... They have only had me on prednisone and plaqunille. They have helped bring my inflammatory markers down and keep my kidneys from failing again. But thats about it and my SED rate has gone from 12 to 40 since they decreased it from 20mg - `10mg.

I am going to be meeting with my adviser soon so I might talk to her about the pass/fail and other options out there. I just dont want to push myself to go to school and end up in the hospital and then going through the process of making up the classes or just finding myself having to drop the classes.

Hello!, do what you feel, it is about You! That is something you got to figure out! Do you think it would be wise to put that kind of pressure on yourself at campus around all that noise daily? Just asking!!!..Beverly L.

Thanks! My adviser isnt keeping in contact with me very much at all. Kind of getting really irritated! I meet with the disability worker Wednesday. I am going to speak with her and all the options out there.the campus isnt a HUGE campus which helps but there are several inclines to certain areas which make it hard to get around. I've been "flaring" this week and everything is just irritating me and I just want to crawl up and hind. I am usually pretty good at dealing with it but this week has been really hard. So I am going to try out the "bus" this week to see how it works to get to school and see if its something I could do once or twice a week. I will for sure do something online as I need to keep my mind busy I have been going nuts sitting inside. And now its getting the super bitter cold temps and wind chills here in Minnesota so I dont get out much. I will see how the "bus" ride goes this week.... Thanks again for all the suggestions.

I finally made the decision to go all online. With my body still not knowing what it wants to do and constantly changing I felt it to be the best choice. The the lady in charge of the disability center was fully on board and understood my body is so unknown. She knows people with lupus and is hoping that one day they can get me in "remission" but understands at this time its best to take care of my health. So i will be taking 3 online classes to keep my mind going and avoid me going crazy! and when I am feeling "good" I can come on to campus and study or get tutoring. Its definitely not how I saw Id be going to school but I am still glad I can still accomplish something I want for myself as well as something my dad wanted us kids to do. :)

Good for you, Louters! The decision has been made so now you can move forward. Maybe your body can get a little relief with this decision behind you. Have a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving!