Not sure of Dx

Hi everyone,
I finely got a copy of my blood work from my Rheumy in the mail, I am not convinced that I just have PsA. My ANA was 1:320, that is double what it was last time. It also has the same pattern: Homogenous. The hydrooxycloriquine does not seem to be doing the trick… Not saying that I don’t have PsA! But she miss read the HLA-B27 as being positive, and it is negative. My SI joints are eroded and fused, so that is more then likely AS.
I think she realized she screwed up, she moved up my next appointment to next week.
I was explaining what she had told me, to my GP, then he got a copy and said that the gene was negative not positive, I don’t think he was impressed with her, so much for referrals…

It's worth joining the PsA community, just to get their feedback, Jon. There is a link to the PsA community on the Main Page of this site, in the right column.

Thanks, I have joined the PsA forum. Thanks for the lead!